What is the Inspirational Hour?

Hello everybody,

Sorry for the long afb - away from blog.

Life has been, quite interesting ever since I started doing Twitch full time. A lot of people are wondering "how are you making a living off of this thing?" Well, to be completely honest, I am not, yet.

One of the biggest change I had to make is to move from San Francisco back with my family for the first time in.... 5-6 years? Being completely independent, living in the most expensive city in America is definitely challenging, but in order for me to kick off this full time Twitch thing, I have to sacrifice $1,200 a month rent which is considering cheap living in San Francisco. Well, where to next? At the moment, I am heading to San Jose at the end of this month. Not too used to living with my family because you know, we all have stories to share about living at home haha.

A new addition that I am going to add to my Twitch Channel is this..


What is the Inspirational Hour?

Inspirational Hour is one hour of hardcore conditioning that I will be doing while playing some of my favorite inspirational speeches in the background. It is to help motivate & inspire others to also utilize this one epic hour with me and work on what they have been thinking about. No, not later, not tomorrow, we do it together, NOW. You can feel free and leave the window open and blast the sound because I won't be talking much, but you guys will also be listening to some epic speeches. Got a art piece you've never finished? Never got time to stretch? Procrastinating on homework? No time to clean your room? Let's do it together during the inspirational hour. If you have any questions during this inspirational hour, I will try my best to answer when I have downtime, which is catching a breathe from my conditioning.

The time is not set yet since my breaking practice schedule isn't set. However, it will take place between 7:00pm ~12:00pm PST!

I look forward to be inspired together!


Cheers :)

photo by  @jreamr_

photo by @jreamr_