Verbally Assaulted


Today, something very interesting happened on stream. Haremi and I went to a beef noodle spot down the street from where i live, a spot where my brother and i always go to... where the owners know who i am and what i do for work. Just another normal day, but slightly busy so i weren’t able to get a corner seat for privacy (from streaming). We got a table near the center part by the wall, sat down and ordered food. Nothing crazy, but just normal conversations with chat.

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Normal room volume, and a ban got up, pointed at me and yelled at me for speaking English. As well as live-streaming in a restaurant. He said i cannot do this, and if I’m in Taiwan, i need to speak Chinese. This quite surprised me because I’ve always believe that the land i came from wouldn’t discriminate to this extent. As the angry man continues, he even asked to take this outside to fight. keeping my composure, i told him i wouldn’t, and continue carrying on with our delicious doodles! Poor Haremi, traumatized by the situation, couldn’t even finish half of her noodle. There were kids in the restaurant while he was yelling, cursing, and trying to fight me, and this is where i got low key triggered. We as adults should set a better example to the youth, because that’s indeed our future generation. We need to set a solid foundation for a brighter future. This man is the opposite of that.



This is exactly what was going on in my head.. and thanks to the reddit community, we’re on the front page again! LUL

at the end of the day, Part of me do want to take it outside and see whatever is gonna go down, but, ever since i started twitch, that type of mentality is not what I’m trying to promote on my channel. There’s is no room for negativity. No room for ignorance. As him and his family are leaving, his son tried to talk shit but only to mumble to himself and barely faced me. If you’re going to talk shit? Do it with pride.

i later offered to pay for lunch for the people who were sharing the same table as us. As I’m explain to them the entire situation and what i do for a living including my relationship with the shop. They understand. I even apologized for being loud as wel.  

We continue to carry on with our lives, i know you all were quite furious about what went down, but didn’t we all had a great time afterwards?!

lets keep this good vibes only, and see you all tomorrow!