Thank you 2018, Hello 2019!

Hi everyone,

Haven’t been on here for awhile… Honestly, I wanted to make this a weekly blog however I feel like with all the streaming & ups and downs, it’s really hard to find that fine balance… What has happened? Too much.. to start, I proposed to Haremi! Yes, it happened. She visited America for the first time ever, and thought that it’d be perfect to just… do it! And of course she said yes! Seriously, most of my updates has been on Twitter, Instagram & Discord… I do need to post here more often because it’s pretty much been my diary where I put my random things at… But seriously though, I do want to be more active on here. $200+ a year without really using it is kind of a waste. (please squarespace… sponsor me?)

Anyway, I made a new youtube & a year end video as well:

Took me like 13 hours, please watch LOL.

Went to Portland and met my friend Bucklington, New York with Steve & John… road trip to San Diego and Disneyland with Haremi..

I feel like I’ve lost my inspiration to upkeep this space. I feel like I’m so drained and all I want to do is sleep but something is telling me to keep going. We hit 1,100 subscribers last month, and now we’re at 577 subscribers. Seeing a drop like this made me felt It’s so crazy how much changes you can experience, and as much as I tell myself not to let the numbers effect me, it’s definitely easier said then done! But hey, I’m just glad to be able to have a place to talk to people & share my world with the world. Honestly, being on Twitch and seeing the community grow and also learning with the community has been a true blessing. As Haremi and I counted down from 5 - 1 and welcomed 2019, I knew that this is going to be a year filled with more challenges & growth. Especially with being engaged now, I think our priority has shifted. We want to be better, and grow closer.. trying to work together better as a team & hopefully have a wedding soon? Who knows! Things are just going all over the place, but the Universe is what will help us zone in on what’s most important to us soon.

Yo, Want to wrap this one quick, but include some photos & call it a day here.

Good Bye Milkglider, thank you all.

Good Bye Milkglider, thank you all.


Back in USA




Love these two. EXBC <3


Met these two officially. Greekgodx & Sodapoppin


TwitchCon official unofficial not a meetup meetup.  


Great friends & mentors. But they don’t know that Kappa


Blizzcon was kinda fun  


Went to NYC


Press pass for Freestyle Session Pog


Portland was so fun with these good people. Thank you Buck, i love you man.  


Haremi showing me her on a giant TV, and it was inspiring.  


She said yes.  

Thank you everyone who made this possible.  


Haremi on the big screen again




Happy new year y’all. Here’s to another year!