Thailand Day 3!

slightly slept in today but we kicked off the stream around 12 because holy shit! There was a mini flood! I was like jeeeeeeezzzzz where all this water came from?! 

After obsticle course we finally got to the train station, and took the train to the thai noodle bowls challenge! Before we started i had everyone guess how many bowls i can eat, well, since it’s my first meal of the day i couldn’t fully show off my black hole stomach. After an interesting segment, we maxed out at 17 bowls!! I felt like i could’ve went for 20, but since we still got an entire day of walking I’d rather not kill myself. 


shortly after, we went to the fancy side of Bangkok, siam district!

man im telling you. Thailand don’t play around with aesthetic! Some spots I’ve seen today was a e s t h e t i c a f Kreygasm! 

afterwards, we got another massage at a spot nearby.. i wish i could communicate better because my lower back needs some serious attention, but i still felt the improvement afterwards.. one step at a time! 

roaming around was definitely the thing to do out here in Thailand.. I’m stoked for tomorrow’s adventure! 

enjoy these photos guys! 



17? EZ! 

scooter hype

scooter hype






love this place