Thailand Day 1

Wow, getting flown out internationally for my photography & streaming feels like a dream! But we out here! One of the most hectic VISA application process I've ever had, but after an hour or so, I finally got through! Finally met up with Tanker_06 and took the cab back to the crib!
Slept for a good 7 hours and ready to head out! It was suppose to be a test stream, ended up with zero RIPs *knocks on wood* and about 6 hours in!

We got some insanely painful Thai massage, it was pretty interesting streaming it but seriously, the pain and my facial expressions weren't just an act, all the years of dancing I'm finally getting these crazy knots out! Gonna have a few more before heading back to Taiwan for sure..

Thailand got some serious aesthetic spots, I'll tell you that. Went to a spot called ROOTS COFFEE ROASTER. Got THE best cold brew I've ever had in my entire life. Orange something, I forgot the name but jesus christ it was amazing. We then head out and walked a few blocks & had a very famous Thai beef noodle spot called Wattana Panich. 

Entire VOD is now up via

See you all tomorrow!




we out here! 


Aesthetic? I think so! 


We found the Resturant  


and now the cafe!  


loving the lighting  


amazing beef stew noodle joint! 


sunset mood