TGS prep!

What a chill day!
Today, we took it easy on the stream. We had to prepare ourselves for a long weekend ahead! World famous TGS, stands for Taipei Game Show! Always heard about this event before I even moved back here, apparently it's one of the biggest gaming convention in the world. I needed to get another sim card from the airport so we have a back up in case the receptions inside TGS is trash.. After we got our new sim card, fixed the stream signal, headed back to Milk Glider for a good cup of covfefefefefe. Shima was there, still a brat. Kicked it a bit, Sunny asked where I was going, since I didn't really have much planned we hopped on his scooter & mobbed to a coffee spot I accidentally found before called Maven Coffee to have more coffee... got approach by a potential sponsorship, and we dipped out to another cafe where it's a combination of a bike / bike accessories shop and a coffee shop.. yes.. the day was filled with caffeine, where we both rested and I ended the stream.

Shortly after, I went to a local spot near Xi Men Ding to have dinner, and some stinky tofu, then met up with CJ for tea ceremony & dinner at IKEA.. god damn I missed swedish meatball! Over all, pretty relaxed. Next 3 days, I will be staying at the Grand Hyatt next to 101 for TGS! Let's go!