BeatBox Record: A San Diego Gem!

So, I have been in here a few times in the past, casually digging through crates hoping I can stumble upon some gold but wasn't able to fully go all out because I feel bad that the moment I'm locked in on full out digging mode, it'll be at least a few hours.

as me and my crew mate Dopefx started to dig around for fun, I stumbled upon a record I've been looking for for at least half a year: Everlyn Champagne King - I'm In Love..  

Bernie Fishnan, the owner of the shop is from Ohio, started DJing in 1998. His style of music started off with jungle drum & bass, then around 2000 is mostly Hip-hop, and 2002 until today he spins all funk, in 2014 of october, he opened Beatbox Record, one of my absolute favorite record shops I've visited to this date. Here are some photos of my most recent visits,

cheers Bernie!


Store front


wish I had my sticker


lots going on but nice n tidy


love this corner


behind the desk


cleaning my Evelyn champagne king record


thanks again Bernie for a great hostility!