Outdoor IRL Aint EZ..

Out door IRL ain’t easy.

Our actions are easily judged by people who aren’t familiar with our stream, community, and mannerisms.

A single mistake could get blown out of proportion by the people or the media.

We are outdoor,

engaging real life day to day people and situations.

To create entertainment & content to keep everyone engaged.

Full time, just like any full time position in all industries.

It may seem like we have the easiest jobs on earth, but we are on constantly on the move both mentally and physically.

After our stream, you may not see it but we must try and expand our network by creating different post styles on various platforms such as Facebook, instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

However, we do this because we love it. The community we’ve built and continue building became our friends. We talk to you all everyday on discord / social media platforms when we’re not streaming. You guys became the reason why we are still pushing forward.

For that, we thank you all. You guys may not notice it but you guys inspire us. And we will continue to drive until the wheels fall off.

-your friend JOEYKAOTYK


Thailand memories


Thailand memories


89 floors up high


welcoming 2018


with jakenbakelive & cjayride  


here comes babyhsu


guys we good? We good.