The Otherside of Reality

today, i witnessed a protest right here at my homeland that made me absolute speechless. It was about Old KMT government  gave high earning interests pension to civil workers to bribe them, to stay loyal to KMT... now the current government is trying to reform pension or else it will bankrupt the country. i will not speak on where i stand in this issue, however, i do want to share with you guys how i felt being there. At first i just wanted to go check it out, and leave. But, as things starts to escalate, i realized that this is not something we see everyday.. i had to get a closer look. So i got to the front gate and climbed a tree to give the stream a birds eye view. Tension was building up, gate were being ripped open. My heart was beating so fast, there were yelling & megaphone everywhere. News reporters, photographers, police... it was like a scene from a movie. I captured some of the moments that i found the most powerful during the middle of all the chaos, i might or might not remove the VOD from my twitch channel. Definitely one of the most intense moments of my life...


Air Force 


broke down barriers & dragged away after


frag out 




breaking the fence


the wall


Hooking of the rope to bring down the main gate


the police pushed back out from behind the gate


the short break after