:PogChamp: New Emotes?!



Working with the amazing @LightDarkSoySauce on some new emotes for the past two days was one of the best things that's happened to this channel yet! A lot of you have been waiting for new emotes for awhile, and yes! we finally got em'!

So, I was thinking about what do I enjoy the most in life... well, besides from breaking.. there are 3 things that wins my heart any time:


I wanted to create something that not only looks awesome, but fits my character as well! so what Jess & I did is that we discussed somehow make those things maybe incorporate some dancing perhaps? Only problem is, emotes are hard to make... they are MAD SMALL and when you are actually using them on twitch chat, it's a lot harder to see when your artwork is super detailed. We went over several boba designs, got stuck, and moved onto coffee. and wow, the coffee one blew me away! 

After a few more sessions chatting with Jess, these are the amazing work she's created. Consulting my ideas with her has been such ease, and she fixed all the things that was bothering me fast and efficient. If you guys are looking for emote work, hit her up!