Leveling Up, Life Update

sometimes, we need to take a time off away from the things that we love doing and reflect from a distance. lately, i've been too caught up with my streaming career trying to grow the channel everyday and ended up losing sight of what's going on around my life outside of streaming. I had a reality Check, and it was a much needed reality check because it woke me the fuck up! I will continue to grow as a person, and learn every damn day, because this is life man... we are forever learning!

Never thought the day would come.. meeting somebody out here in Taiwan that I can vibe so well with on the same frequency. Long story short, just not too long ago I met this lady while I was streaming. Started off as a game with another livestreamer to ask a stranger to get boba tea with them, which lead to me meeting her. It's crazy how life works, I was in a complete full force with my streaming career since I've landed here in Taiwan. Everything happened so quick. But I'm flowing with it for sure. Her name is Haremi, as of who she is or what she does I will keep it private on this blog since these are the informations I'd like to share with people who actually care about what goes on in my life.

Anyway, TGS! Taipei game show was a long 4 day event. We received VIP tickets and had the pleasure of meeting new friends and chilling at the twitch booth! I was so happy to see my friends in town.. anele, ray, chia, lindsey, and others who i've met through the event made everything so memorable! The twitch after party was fkn lit! photo booth, claw machine, free drinks... oh man! Had a fucking blast for sure! 

The following few days, we had haremi as a special guest on the stream. A lot of fun stuffs for sure! As Hypebeast and Chia’s Time here in Taiwan comes to an end, we ended up going to a night club and have an evening of music & dance... good vibes man, truly. currently, it's cold as fuck here in Taiwan. My fingers are freezing typing this and I should be getting ready to go out and eat, so.... uh, PEACE OUT!




birds eye view


Kingdom hearts

twitch booth




twitch after party


hypebeast, chiapet, haremi, anele, and lindsey 








adidas event



remix store x NOE 246

Shoutout to the family at www.steadyus.com for this package! I fucking love y'all