IRL Resident Evil?!

Finally a new blog,
sorry, I have been extremely busy prepping for my move as well as streaming every single day out here in Taiwan since 12/1 of 2017. The Scuffed Point is currently on pause until further notice, so, let's talk about what went down earlier today!

I found an article about this abandoned UFO village out here in Taiwan, but it's a mission to even get to.. however, I finally decided to take my streaming even more serious and wake up earlier than I should, mission accomplished, and took a 1 hour 40 min bus ride to Keelung, where I later on found out it was completely far off from my original destination. But, it was cool regardless. I went to this abandoned construction site, not sure what happened but saw this satanic looking door, creeped out, and some awesome art works on the walls. Didn't took much to explore the entire place & realized I am about 40 min driving distance from my original destination. Worrying about letting the entire community down, I've decided to grab a cab to my next destination, because I promised what they were gonna see today, and I'm a man of my word.

When I say I'm going to do something, It's already done. Now just wait for it to happen.

Had an amazing conversation with the taxi driver, he was really nice, was able to translate a little for the English speaking viewers along with the help of one of my mod Jushenrie. Upon arrival, my heart was already beating so fast. With my dramatic ass entrance, we headed into the area. There was a long driveway, t h i c c driveway, into the abandoned UFO village, however, something else caught my attention. It was a giant castle, on the left hand side that was sitting there silently, that creepiness of it's presence I knew I had to go and investigate.. 

Entire castle, just myself & the stream with me.. we've heard sounds, multiple sounds, there was a few moments where I was pretty frightened, but, we came out victorious. I'll leave the rest of the stories to the photos below. Also, you can watch the entire VOD here at

After finally getting out of the castle, we headed towards the UFO village. Man, this place is real. I was quite speechless.. there were multiple elevated UFO houses that are heavily abandoned & wrecked from previous visits from people.. This makes me sad. I've done some urban explorations where people respects the space, and also people going there just to loot. Destroying property & ruining it for everyone else coming afterwards.. but I guess it's inevitable right? More photos will be posted below! Or you can check out the VOD I linked earlier above.

After checking almost most of the abandoned village, something inside me still wants to go back into the castle since it's not as bright as earlier.. I went back in, and saw the swimming pool we didn't get to explore earlier, and decided to go balls or nothing. There was only one way leading to the pool, which is where the noises we heard was coming from, I picked up a pole as self defense since I've heard stories of other urban explorer getting robbed by other explorers.. the process of going in it's already creepy enough. I had to turn on the flashlight on my iphone to see what's ahead of me, and quickly stepped to the pool area where everything started to echo.. and a gentle water drop sound starts to come in... 

One giant room, huge pool, barely half full, and a steady water drop constantly echoing through our world.. yes, creeped out, and I'm starting to see the Taiwanese audiences starting to worry that it's not safe going to these abandoned places at night. Yes, in the back of my mind I am very aware that the sun is going down. And I was also not in the perfect state of mind, since the place is getting darker by the second. After going around the entire pool, I quickly start to find a way out, however, there was no short cut. I had to get out through the dark alley way which I first came in from.. Speeding up my footsteps, and starting to make my way out of the castle.

We made it guys, a short but exciting stream. A new exploration and awesome content being able to show to the Twitch IRL community.. 

I'm tired, there's probably a shit load of grammatical errors in this blog. but oh well.. Now get back to more work.. enjoy today's photos guys!



A satanic ritual? 


excited seeing “bboy” painted on the  all




into resident evil


the front




the UFOs and the castle we went into


we want peace  








Not blood  


please do not touch  




Today was a good one boys...