I'm On The Taiwanese News!

Yes, you've read that right!

I want to let you all know about this beautiful way of how I ended up on the news. Let's all start from my personal experience, perception, then we can move on to other things. DFSK Motor, my DMs are still open!


My friend Tim885885 and I went to a car show here in Taiwan, since there was a lot of people, our livestreams was running some hiccups. So, we found some empty tables & chairs so we sat down Tim's setup for trouble shooting. Someone came and told us to leave. Now, this is where perception comes in. My perception was that we weren't important to him and doesn't bring in money. However, as we were packing up, I said to my stream "we are getting kicked out, rudely. LOOK AT THIS! YOU'VE GOT THREE EMPTY FUCKING TABLES THERE'S NO CORPORATE WAITING IN LINE. WE'RE TRYING TO TROUBLESHOOT SOME ELECTRONICS" and next thing I know, I heard somebody behind me saying "DON'T THINK YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS ENGLISH. *stands up and got next to me*" and this is when obviously, I wouldn't engage to any physical confrontation, but knowing could be content, I started saying WOAHHHWAOAHHHHH! as he's saying "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" and then finally, boom, punched me in the face. well, not really a punch. more like a baby slap.
(Entire interaction is here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/213743540?t=02h30m29s)

I tried to talk to the staffs afterwards with adrenaline pumping through my entire body, obviously I was heated from getting punched in the face while trying to get myself hydrated! Nobody bothered helping me. They didn't even check up on me and all moved on to do their things. Now, of course, being in America, we are all a pretty uptight about one laying another hand on another. I don't know things work out here in Taiwan since I left at a very young age, after awhile, I decided to carry on.

Next day, still back with my normal streaming schedule, after finishing up my delicious lunch, Taiwanese News Channel EBC was waiting right outside for me. No, I wasn't scared at all, they wanted to shut down my stream before the interview however I explained 1) this is my job, and 2) I am already aware of all the fake news going on and how the media likes to play with people's head. So, I pretended to mute the stream, and they started interviewing me. My Mandarin is pretty bad now especially trying to think and use certain terms. I wanted to use English, but they asked if I can use Chinese.. (Entire interview is here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/214046178?t=02h30m23s)

So, later that night, the news was already up on Youtube with mad hate comments in regards to me deserving to get punched. The news edited the assaulter stating that I was cursing at their staffs, and he asked me kindly to leave (with a punch). Without showing the video of me talking to my stream and pointing at the empty tables and at absolutely NO ONE. I have never verbally assault anyone purposely on stream, or even off stream in fact. I'm not about that negative vibe at all. Thats the truth!

New year rolls through 1/1/18, I saw a link on discord that the facebook version is out.. (https://www.facebook.com/news.ebc/videos/1889464587755290/)  with even more backlash from keyboard warriors. I've tried to post the evidence that I did not verbally assault anyone, however, my comments are constantly being removed by the news media. Another thing that I felt like at a huge disadvantage is that I accidentally referred myself as a kid in Mandarin during the interview (Again, scuffed Mandarin you know?) and keyboard warriors are just poking at 26 year old still consider a kid? LUL

This is my way to tell you guys the truth, and my side. I am not completely innocent in this case, and I've apologized to my stream multiple times, on social media, and now here.

I hope in the future, livestreamers can be a little more aware of their surroundings, and also, please know that violence should never be a way to resolve an issue.

2018, let's keep the ball rolling!

Happy New Year everyone. I love you all!


Your friend, JoeyKaotyk