How I Got Partnered on Twitch

Back Story, How I Started:


I remember looking back about 5-6 years ago when i heard that people were making a living off of streaming themselves playing video games... I’ve always been curious of what a life? Since I’ve been a competitive dancer for years now, and knowing myself playing video games in the past just easily turns into a downward spiral, i have forced myself to pull the plug from the video game world. However, remembering the beautiful friends & community i get to be a part of growing up, video games has never left my mind. Fast forward to 2017, I got invited by a friend of mine name Anele to attend an event called E3, I honestly have to say, it felt really good to be able to reconnect what i once loved so much, Video Games! It was then, i got introduced to a fairly new section on Twitch called IRL. I’ve always known Twitch. Never streamed or watch streams on there, but July 7th of 2017 is when i took the first leap of faith and called myself a “full time live streamer” with 0 concurrent viewers on


Title, Originality, & What Makes You Different: 

Now, before i went in blindly and started streaming from my own room starring at my own stream waiting until someone comes in to say the dance world, I’ve always valued the concept of originality, characteristic, and self expression. I wanted to utilize what i was already good at and apply that to my streaming career, so, i made the biggest click bait title there is:  


My numbers in the beginning was interesting. You can imagine the amount of trolls coming in wanting to follow to see what i would do, and i did exactly that... a backflip that pretty much threw most of the people off. Of course. There were people who follow them unfollowed, but the real ones didn’t. There are even a few to this day still comes in my stream. Stream title is important, it brings the people in, but exactly WHAT you need to do when they come in, to make them stay, to make them want to follow and continue watching is huge. 

Common Mistakes From Observation:

This is a common mistake i see from not just on twitch, but other social media platforms as well. I personally don’t like the idea of “giveaway at 100 followers!” Or anything along the line of that idea. Why? When you have a concept or title that revolves around it, your audiences and followers will not be genuine. A word we like to use in the industry is organic. You want your growth to be organic. A hundred followers to have a giveaway, but how many genuinely will watch and become part of your community? Chances are, very slim. You need to create an organic bond with your community, a foundation you can kick off your channel. Please please please, avoid this kind of promotion.

Social Media, Build your personal brand


I see a lot of people aren’t utilizing the power of social media. I personally uses twitter, Facebook, instagram actively outside of twitch. Also, this personal website to build my own brand outside of streaming. It’s 2018, and connecting with others through social media is powerful. And i can tell you how many amazing artists and individuals I’ve met through social media just by reaching out. You never know who is listening. Use them, and use them CORRECTLY. Build your personal brand! It’s important!

Consistency, determination, hard work.

This is the biggest killer i see in a lot of people not just on twitch. If you want something, just put in the work for it. Don’t say “maybe I’ll stream tomorrow because I’m too tired.” You want to be a streamer, then start by not making excuses because nobody comes into your channel after 8 hours straight or nobody follows you. Start utilizing social media to build your audiences outside of twitch. Start seeing where exactly are you fucking up? Who do you look up to when it comes to streaming and try to get inspirations & create your own flavor. Whatever it is, it’s as easy as the Nike slogan: “JUST DO IT”. One last thing: “practice don’t makes perfect, perfect practices makes perfect.”

Here are some of the questions I've received via the Twitch Streamer Facebook group!

Q: How long did it take you from when you decided "I'm going for Partnership" to build up and actually get the application to go through? :)
A: I had partnership in mind since the first day I broadcasted. I did not want to be just any streamer on Twitch, or any platforms in general. I wanted to be different. I got my partnership September 13, 2017

Q: Any keys to breaking above the 15 avg mark! Thanks 🙂
A: Yup! Don't stop. Network. Grow. Be yourself. Get to know your community. Stay discord active. Find your unique selling point as a person & in life and sell that when you stream!

Q: How many hours do you typically stream?
A: First month in Taiwan last December of 2017 is when I seriously went insane since I just arrived in a country with amazing internet service. I was doing 8-15 hours a day, being outdoor and walking & talking to chat. Until January came, my body & health started catching up... It was not a pretty picture. I started monetizing my hours more. Now, I stream 5~8 hours a day, one day off a week. 

Q: IRL streaming vs Game streaming, can you give some pros and cons? I’ve been on your channel and love what you do, man. I recently bought a gimbal and looking to explore NYC with my viewers.
Each person/streamer is different. Each of them have a niche market or audience they cater to.
I’m also wondering if it’ll hurt your viewership if you do things other than the normal?
A: What a question! It really depends right? I never started off game stream, I kicked off with IRL content... but when I had a really bad injury one time, I started playing all of the scariest games in a week... viewers was way less than my usual streams since most of my people followed me for my IRL content, and not for gaming. So, it depends on what you want to do in the long run right? However, I do believe it's easier to build a following off of IRL streaming if you execute correctly. Viewership will hurt if you do things out of the ordinary of your streaming content, however the ones who sticks around doesn't matter what you stream are the ones who truly support you! (also sometimes people are just busy in general and can't make it to the stream)

Q: What things did you do to network/get your name out there?
A: I've been breaking for 13 years, and I've built up my network and reputation though the break dancing community. Through the years of my dancing career, I also branched out within the street photography community and urban exploring. I think once you do something for so long, you can always build a reputation from there.

Q: When you first started streaming. What challenges did you have & how did you overcome them?
A: I had problem leaving my house because I was too comfortable being indoor streaming. I also had problem waking up in time and follow a set streaming schedule, until one day one of my mod (Ricerman) finally said "just get your ass outdoor joey!" and that's when I realized I need to push the boundaries in order to do something different. So, I started setting up a streaming schedule and sticking to it.

Q: How do you stay "energize" "upbeat" when streaming for so long?
A: I have ADHD as well as addicted to caffeine LOL

Q: Do you think its better to stream everyday ?
A: Yes and no. If your body can keep up, do it. If you are having fun while you're streaming, do it. However, once you are starting to feel off health wise, make sure to start taking a break. I didn't believe in taking days off before, until I started to feel my energy starting to drain during streaming as well as when I practice my breaking, i started feeling the drag and inconsistency of my energy. HEALTH > STREAMING / ANYTHING

Q: Did you stream while having a crappy full-time job that prevented you from having a consistent stream schedule?
A: I had an amazing full time job before. However, I quit, travel the world >> For context via

Q: I want to know how shameful a person can get with self promotion and still get successful.
Like constantly plugging your stream to the point of being obnoxious (especially at the <100 follower mark) vs. What every partner ever says "only advertise when prompted, and never use more than 3 hash tags.
Like.. How hungry were you starting off? How badly (and I mean awfully) did you work to build up steam?
A: To be honest, I used to be one of those guys who uses 40-80 hash tags on my IG posts. And yes, they can be useful, for net working purpose and exposing your work to a wider group of people, however, i stopped. Why? Because I realized those new followers and likes and comments are starting to become dull and a lot of them are bots, which means, if you don't follow back they'll eventually just unfollow you automatically. I realized, if you don't hashtag, the people who appreciate your work are more authentic, so, i stopped hashtagging. Hashtagging is a powerful tool, NEVER sleep on the power of hashtag.
I am really hungry, and even more comparing to when I first starting off. I wanted to be successful. I don't want to just be a "partnered streamer", but more than that. I want to influence and change the game. I want to inspire hundreds, even thousands with my content. This is just the beginning, but I can't do it without a healthy life! So, I am currently reshaping the way I eat and live!

I hope what I have listed really helped out. Feel free to tweet out to me any questions you may have via and I will do my best to help you out!

Special thanks to anele, hypebeast, chiapet,  Ricerman, Jarkeler, Desh, DrDrillVGA, Doctor, Philthyturtle, BaristaJosh!

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Your friend, Joey Kaotyk