The E3 2017 Experience!!

First and foremost I'd like to give a big thanks & shoutout to @HardcoreAnele and the entire Twitch.TV team for this amazing opportunity to experience one of a kind treatment here at E3. It's really my first convention as an attendee, so, here we go!

Wow. Even running on two hours of sleep, I was not tired at all for the entire first day. Got my badge, made friends with random strangers but only found out we couldn't go in that day. So, went back to the hotel to relax and watch the WARRIORS GAME until @HardcoreAnele and @BackwardsNinja arrived at their hotel room, which is the one I'm staying at 😹 WITNESSING THE WARRIORS take another world title, went ape shit, and out to a CURSE after party. Thanks to @MeanDeanie for getting us in! Amazing venue with a beautiful floating aquarium, a funky jazz band that's playing live video game tracks, and open bar! Shortly after, we left to head to Monstercat party, got in, VIP, open bar, heavy EDM music.. yeah. It was an eventful night!

And finally, the day we've all been waiting for! E3 day 1!

Met up with @RankNone aka @Sub.Culture & @DSCHIA and had some bomb food before heading into the convention. And trust me, the anticipation was real. The moment we walked in, I was already overwhelmed. Seeing Ni No Kino 2 in the front of the main lobby already got my adrenaline pumping like mad! When we got into the actual convention, it was packed. Full house shoulder to shoulder type. Everyone was in line to play the newest games, photos, videos, you name it! I was speechless, and didn't even know where to start! Having just one day here, I started snapping footages away. I didn't even care if it's multiple of the same thing, I can always go back and remove them. Met up with the homie DevOne, Broderick & Jeopardy for a little bit.. yo, I'd love to talk about the experience inside, but trust me! Watch the video below to see it for yourself!

We wrapped up the evening with amazing Korean BBQ & lounge. Met a few new friends: @Alexhnoor, @MeanDaenie, @AttackofthrFro, @JoshOG and more! I must say it has been one hell of an experience, and happy to say I've finally gave in.

I will be IRL streaming as soon as I'm settled down for all the traveling!

Stay tuned everybody.



The Sign

got my badge! 

got my badge! 


Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite  



Big sign

Big sign


Capcom booth


Hi childhood hero




Twitch mothership was massive!  


Right across




Ni No Kung 2 with Broderick!  

The throne  

The throne  


Big dragon  


Dragonball Fighter Z


@HardcoreAnele In his game face.  




New fwendz


Brothers. Thanks again man.  

Bonus level..... 

Bonus level..... 


The photo he took....