Abandoned Church & Exploration

It's been awhile since I've last blogged here on my website. Things has been quite busy with Twitch, which is currently my full time job. Along with my friend Tau, we decided to explore this abandoned site where once was a luxury wedding hall & church-like area. Throughout majority of the exploration, the spot was pretty much a mess. Usually with abandoned places that don't have much around, I lose interest quick. However, for this spot, I was surprised with the size of the entire premise. The structures around the main hall in the center of the block as well as the amount of glass walls around. This place was made of money, and now it's a place ready to be forgotten. We decided to start from the buildings on the side since we saw an opening first. A lot of graffiti writers has already been there & marked their spots on the outside, but the inside was filled with garbage & broken glasses everywhere. I'm glad that I wore my rain proof boots today since there was a weather forecast about a thunderstorm coming. Didn't smell too bad when it comes to mold, but the place was wrecked. One of the more interesting find was a safe that seem like anyone who has explored in the past was able to crack the safe. We then head towards the center main structure which is where the weddings were held, and man... It was pretty awesome. It felt like I was in a Resident Evil game IRL. Going around on the other side, felt like someone was presence when we were there, but we try to convince ourselves that the sounds were just mice. Over on the opposite was where it used to be a dining area and a bar, but since there was so much garbage we couldn't get to the second floor. Behind that structure was where people used to dine. A mini-pool-like area right next to the dining hall. We know all of this because we actually found a booklet of where that place used to look like, and the purposes of different areas there. Going up the farthest building, we had to find a way up to the second floor since we were pretty much done with everything. The only way up was the darkest corner of the building, also where the elevators were at. The elevator obviously stopped working a long time ago, but what added on to the creeps was the yellow tapes & tables that are blocking the elevators. (seriously, straight out of a video game) As we are going up, there's zero natural lights. We kept our footsteps light and cellphone LED lights slowly work our ways up. We were not sure what was around the corner, but only wanting to see whats on the next floor. The furthest building once we got up to the third floor was surprisingly beautiful. Entire field of long grass with a perfect visual of airplanes flying by. The other side was a crashed chandelier and a giant mirror. As we worked our way all the way to the top, the feeling of accomplishment was there. We found a small bag with an external battery, some alcohol and tools... didn't loot it obviously, but why would anyone left it there? This is definitely somewhere I'd return, but not sure if this place will be the same next time. I do enjoy exploring abandoned places, always, however what keeps my drive going is finding clues of what exactly happened here? Well, another one down, many more to go! Enjoy the photos below!


Before & After

Entering the wedding hall

creepy yellow tapes


elevator drop


Giant mirror


entrance 1


the furthest corner building 


hi tau


hi. Tau. 


Hi hi tai


thanks for the shot tau