Turn Nothing into Something

Through my eleven years of break life, moves don't come easy. I will not front, the first few years, we were young and clueless.. We all tried to imitated our favorite bboys and attempt their moves for fun. For mine, my first Bboy idol was Lilou. Now, as the years go by, our sense of originality starts to develop. We eventually realized that it is crucial to find ourselves through this dance... and that's when the fun begins. Everyday, we hit the drawing board on the floor, figuring out new mind blowing ideas, things that we think no one has ever done before.. which obviously is also another impossible thing to do..
However, creating moves are not always as easy as "Yeah today I'm going to create new shit!" It's actually harder than it seems. There will be days where you come up with millions of new ideas, and there will be days where you feel absolutely defeated and not motivated to do anything..

well my friend, don't.

No matter what, do not feel discourage to create new contents. Even if you are having one of those days, give yourself a goal: "If you don't come up with a new concept, combo, idea, freeze, you cannot go home." Yup, that is always the deal I make with myself. I would sit there, in a position which I find myself stuck in, and figure out multiple ways to get out of it, or different ways to get INTO it, and there you will find more ideas out of nothing.

There is no rule to this dance, and remember, never underestimate or ever discourage yourself..