San Francisco Adventure(s)

I like to get lost.

I enjoy turning off my GPS and just walk around different major cities and see what sort of hidden treasures I can find, and that's exactly what I have been doing with San Francisco living here in the past... I don't know, 4~5 years?

Few days ago, my roommate and I went on an adventure. We both had a day off, and since he's slowly building contents for his Instagram, I asked if he'd like to go out and shoot. So we did, we parked somewhere in the industrial district and started taking photos as we go. The thrill of roof topping starting to hit, as we turned a corner I suddenly remembered that there was this really awesome spot I've been to, so we started running because I want to make sure we hit the perfect sunset.. So we ran, luckily slipped past the front door and went up... like all the way up... *que music*

I'll let the photos tell you all the rest of our day!