Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving day!

Usually every year my family will have a giant gathering across the Golden Gate Bridge at my cousin's mansion to celebrate together, however, this year we kept it really simple. My parents and I woke up early, we had some delicious coffee in the city of Los Gatos. Los Gatos Coffee Roasters lies in the center of downtown and has been for the past 40 years. Two rooms, one for coffee & tea, the other is espresso bar. I taught my parents how to use Instagram, edit photos, and hashtags.. And then we spoke about politics and others. Afterwards, we did a small stroll around Santana Row, a beautiful luxury shopping district and luxury condos. Probably one of my favorite places to visit in the South Bay! 

Santana Row though it fills with luxury retails, however, the whole entire strip is tastefully designed to inspire a warm, cozy feeling with or without spending hundred & thousands on luxury goods. Don't get me wrong, most of the times that I visit Santana Row, I don't shop. One of the largest shopping malls in California is right across the street from here as well: Westfield Valley Fair Mall where you can literally find everything you're looking for!

After Santana Row, we went to a Taiwanese Restaurant called Mama Chef, since I've been craving Taiwanese hardcore! I must admit, although the service wasn't the greatest, their food was definitely on point.. EXCEPT... my favorite.. the Oyster Vermicelli. It was probably.. the worst I've ever had, however, I think the chef just had a bad day. I've been here in the past, and ordered the same thing, and it wasn't as bad. But anyway!
We went home, relaxed for a little bit, listen to some Joe Hisaishi concert music, cleaned my room, and we had a small toast & meal with the family.

We then wrapped up the evening with the movie Snowden, which is about a former CIA & U.S. government contractor who leaked U.S.'s top secrets and escaped the states. Definitely a movie worth a watch.

Hope you all enjoyed some quality time with your family! and Happy Thanksgiving!