#JKASIA17 Day 55: Green Island day 1!

today was a weird start.. 

1) taxi driver didn't know where he was going.. we were on crunch time.. 

2) made it to the station, the person with everyone's train ticket haven't arrived yet. We had 10 minute left before the train departs  

3) he arrived. We all realized nobody picked up my ticket

4) got a small fine but the voyage continues

5) arrived at the pier, got on the boat. We all knocked out and woke up an hour later, were back right where we started because apparently our boat had issues so we hopped on another boat.  

Other than those crazy segment of first half of the day, we made it onto the island!! Amazing sea food & cant wait for tomorrow :) 


island life  


cool haus


work station  


@kkao68 is weird


First time seeing fly fishes. But they were dead aye ef


the food here man.... omg.