#JKASIA17 Day 48: World Bboy Classic!!

GOD. I am exhausted. Barely any sleep to be honest but today's another GO TIME!! Teamed up with my homie Steppegg from TC, this is our third time entering together.. out of 60+ crews, we squeezed through with top 32, facing Chenhen and his crew mate as The Future Crew.. just when you thought your round was too good to be true, my shoe came off (AGAIN...) I swear I tied it like there is no tomorrow!' But gotta turn nothing into something.. yeah. We came up with the W, but pretty upset that it happened. Shoutout to steppegg keeping it fresh brotha! Second round, top 16 against their own crew TC.. man, I was not on top of my game. Felt like I was just throwing moves aimlessly. I wasn't myself. But lesson learned. We signed off after top 16, but the day still went well! The homie Drummer and Red came up with the W for the entire jam! Mad happy for them. Afterwards, Rose, Drummer, Aga, and myself went out for some bomb steak dinner... and departed. That wrapped up my breaking competitions for this trip! I've never felt so good and confident with my future in this culture!! The saga continues, and never gonna stop learning!

Shoutout to all the new bboys & bgirls I've met and reconnected, truly made me feel right here at home. Can't wait to reunite with my crew mates and do some crew damage!!


College life


Drummer man & Red


Summer & Rose they mad cute


One day