#JKASIA17 Day 37: The Poop Resturant

Do apologize in advance if my past few blogs been sounding like jibberish. I still can't believe I finished today's blog.. I am mentally exhausted. Completely. Everyday, making plans.. keeping myself sane back here at home still feeling culture shocked and just, yeah. It's tough. But yo, I got this.. 

Met up with @lil.kass at XiMen for lunch, then head to the world famous poop resturant where they serve your food & snacks in urinals, toilets, and squad toilets. Been seeing it everywhere but finally got a chance to experience it first hand and honestly their shaved ice was... alright. It's really a place to just go and said yeah, I've been to the poop resturant... shortly after @tantrovert joined us! We roamed around XiMen talking about some randoms, met a graffiti artist go by the name of @fleksone from Holland turns out we had hella mutual friends! Afterwards, we spent like a good while inside a huge H&M because of the A/C.. after Kathy got picked up, me and @tantrovert went out seperate ways. I had to rush to Ban Ciao station to meet up with @jianyan_bzhd. He took me on his motorcycle to his studio, and man it was scary. It's been too long! Had a dope vibe training with him and few of his crew mates.. but time flew by, I had to dip out at 7 for a dinner meeting. @jianyan_bzhd dropped me off at the station and I commuted back to meet up with my brother @kkao68 and his friend for dinner. Then, a guy came in said what's up to my brothers friend and turns out that I knew him from years back! Samuel Shih! Ayeeee, Small world. After the dinner, went to a local bar, where @hrcghost showed up like a ghost... haven't seen him since 2010... man, nostalgic aye ef!!! Glad he's doing well in Australia.. later he left to meet up with his crew.. and the party disbanded. I went back to HRC and trained some more with the new HRC generation and @hrcsharpling , mad tired, and dying, and I made it back home around 2am. I'm alive. Managed to keep going with this blog thing. Today's another day. Let's do this. 


@tantrovert & @lil.kass


@tantrovert & @lil.kass pt 2




Complete stranger




A kid






@tantrovert & @lil.kass pt. 3


Boyz in the Hood studio


Me and my brother @hrcghost