#JKASIA17 Day 36: Do What You Wanna Do

Wakeeeeee up! It's a new day. Fresh mind, recollect yourself after a overnight rest and be ready for another adventure!  

today, well, my mind now it's just in zombie mode but it was really nice the fact that I was able to connect with a lot of the homies I haven't seen in years!! So I'm going to try and talk about today in somewhat video game mode.. 

I got ready and went out to meet up with @rgry_s7, and last minute, @lil.kass joined the party. We had some bomb taiwanese style popstickers, and roamed around the area. Stopped by HRC studio, then Butterfly & Washi joined the party. Haven't seen those two for years! Catching up with them was definitely nothing but good vibes. Shortly after, washi left the party, then @lil.kass left the party. But there's still 3 people in the party... me, butterfly, and  @rgry_s7.. so we tapped into our people's roots, then butterfly left the party. So just me and @rgry_s7 roam the streets..then butterfly rejoined the party..went back to HRC and ran into @bboybojin.. then @hrcsharplin joined the party... there's now 4 of us... we went to bboy Chenchen's studio near HRC studio... then @hrcsharplin left the party.. so the three of us had a light practice, before we pig out, and went home.. today was chill... and a lot of partying... I think. 



I can't believe I finished it all by myself.  

It wasn't even raining

It wasn't even raining




They're too damn cute.  


Butterfly & @rgry_s7


Just the tip


Gnarly building




The homies


Brother @bboybojin