#JKASIA17 Day 35: Sneaker Cafe?

So I woke up, man it's hot! I heard some flappy birds outside my window and what?! Birds are building a nest right outside my window!!! I freaked out and tried to be a ninja, and slowly opened my far right window to take a look more clearer... and the female one looks at me... and essentially translation from Bird language to English.. 

"I ain't got time fo dis sh*t... we getting the f outta here with this crazy staring at me." 

sad and defeated, I realized I've got a big mission to take care of: finding pants!! So I head out, but instantly got distracted by a familiar birdy... it's Taiwan's National bird! I said... "country bird" in the video lmfao. But it was so graceful... and it flew away after a few shots.. welp back to my mission. I roamed around 東區 which is the most popular hip shopping area in Taipei city, and as I'm lost trying to figure out where all the stores are at, I stumbled upon a really cool cafe... A SNEAKER CAFE?!! I needed wifi to contact my friend in regards to this special stussy drop he wants anyway, so I went in, sat down, and had myself a cold brew with a sphere cube! They're doing it right for sure. Then I left, did some shopping and had a dope conversation with the founder of Immense Taipei after buying two pairs of pants. Dope dude. Then went off to see my sidekick since  elementary school, Vincent. We were both the biggest class clowns in our class, and last time I've seen him was a good 7 years ago! We had dinner and talked about random life stories and such, then he dropped me back home. 

Oh! And also! The Verb Media made a short video of my workshop in India! Here's the clip! Enjoy!


And next, we have today's 30 second blog!! :) enjoy!  


Taiwan's national birdyyyyy!!! 


Birdy derpy  


Sneaker Cafe  


Sneaker Cafe 2


Sneaker Cafe 3


Sneaker Cafe 4


Sneaker Cafe 5


Sneaker Cafe 6


Sneaker Cafe 7


Sneaker Cafe 8


One Piece restaurant  


Clean CTR


Kiss my air


Kiss my air 2