#JKADIA17 Day 33: XiMen Ding & Fwendz

Today, I woke up with my liver half dead, but man.. it was good to see and chill with my brother again. I hardly ever drink, seriously. But, woke up and walked to a local Beef Noodle Soup joint with Niko, she treated me out, that was nice of her 😭 and got two more mosquito bites. Current count: 4 in 2 days. They love my blood. After we walked back, I got ready and head out to XiMen Ding to meet up with @Lil.kass & Gy. It's been awhile since I've last seen Kathy, and we happened to both be in our hometown at the same time! We roamed around XiMen Ding, which is a really popular shopping area for young peeps like us... didn't buy much except a Taipei City hat from Remix. A lot of traditional Taiwanese snacks here and there, and good memories from just being around the area. Stopped by the graffiti section of XiMen where the Hip-Hop scene of Taiwan first started, and walked around more... time flew by quick. Gy wanted a foot massage, so I decided to head home & see where the rest of the evening goes. Early blog, because a possible long evening awaits.

I miss everybody back home, but right now, Taiwan have my heart. If you're reading this, feel free to drop a comment! I'm always reading & replying. Well, because I rarely get comments here 🌚



Golden spot


Craving temporary satisfied


Wanted this shirt but the cut was different Β 




@lil.kass & gy Β 




Godzilla made out of graffiti necessities Β 


The back


clean cafe racer