#JKASIA17 Day 31: Last Day in Beijing!

Waking up with a stomach ache was never the plan, but suppose to be up by 7am ended up being 9am.. Note's grandparents made me miss my grandparents so much.. which lead to missing Taiwan gradually as time ticks down to being my last day here in Beijing. I'm actually thinking about making a move, on a next level type. But I'll get into it later.

Note and I took a commute to Summer Palace, where the emperor used to take his summer vacations at, or just getaway paradise. I've learned that every main door, there are three messages: one on the left, and the right, which they're usually rhymes off of each other, and the third in the center above the two, which describes what the other two meant with minimal words. The way Note was deciphering all of the ones we've past by was so impressive. He told me that he was actually offered a job there, but he chose teaching Breaking where he's currently at. And I don't blame him!

The entire day, I found myself to be more quiet.. maybe it's because I'm finally heading back home after two long years.. maybe because it's my last day before I'm finally back into my comfort zone.. maybe, just maybe. But this silent treatment hit home. Literally home.. I cannot express my excitement to be back. I look forward to paying my grandpa respect in the mountains, and see my grandma again.. All of this came rushing at me out of no where, but the day flew by quick.. we are back at Note's grandparents' and ready to depart.. saying goodbye isn't easy but I know this won't be my last time seeing Note. His grandparents especially, wouldn't stop telling me that "you're home, with us. And you're our family, and I look at you just like our own grandson.."

And now you can imagine how much it's hitting me..

Soon, a client-turned-friend of mine from Tiffany&Co picked me up from the house, and left to grab some luxury SPICY hot pot. The restaurant is known to be China's finest service. And I was indeed taken by surprise when they offered me a zip up bag for my cellphone in case the oil gets on it.. after we lit our stomachs on fire, we left and drove around downtown Beijing in the sandstorm.. made a pit stop at a Korean cafe called Maan Coffee, where the story is that this coffee shop started selling coffee & waffle and made a fortune. Min wanted me to go and see if I can tell him why it became such a successful franchise.

We then drove to a hotel near the airport and preparing for an early flight for the both of us.


Taiwan, I'm coming home soon.


I know I need a haircut but... 


Please don't Sweeny Todd me.. 




when you see dragons, you know it's a place for the emperor.  


Up above the clouds


I was so tempted to jump on these roofs.. 


Blessings on blessings.  


I am going to MISS YOU BRO.. C Note of Beijing. Keep killing the game with your kind heart. You deserve all that you dream.  


Gotta freeze one time for the zenny  


Respect to this man.  


This was majestic aye ef


That iPhone 7+ portrait mode...