#JKASIA17 Day 29: The Great 13th Year Anniversary of Gorilla Warfare

Today, is a special day. Not only that I'm seeing The Great Wall of China, my fourth wonder of the world with a Bboy homie I've met through this culture... but also 13th Year of rocking with my squad. Breakniversary!!! I am missing my crew so much man, from half way across the world.. if you guys are reading this, "I demand respect!!" 

Note and I woke up early to take the bus to the Great Wall.. upon arrival I was mad tired still. Traveling is truly draining. Trust me on this. When we arrived, though, the adrenaline comes rushing in like a cannon hitting me directly.. yo, this is it! The one ridiculous wall to defend the Hans from invading. Man... videos truly can't do justice.. and also, we got SO LUCKY. Just yesterday, it was a national holiday.. and today.. there wasn't much of a crowd.. we went up to the highest peak of the tower, and took a cable car down... what a life man.. this break life isn't just anything I adore.. man, it's a lifestyle for a reason. It's a worldwide vibe, and we are in this all together. 

Dear Hip- Hop, thank you. And my crew, happy 13th Year Anniversary to us all.  

after our adventure, we went back to Note's house and had Beijing style family dinner. Man, what a day. Another adventure ahead!  


Breakfast spot was mad vibrant  


Uncle is ready for this hike


Note wants to scream about this difficulty but he survived




Views quite nice from here guys.  


Breaking the rules, but, I had a moment.  

still by Note


Yay!!!! Totally forgot what it meant, jk. Lmfao.  


C Note of Beijing.. 


Views 2.. 


Reflect on all the bull shits I've endured.

Views 3

Views 3


thank you, Gorilla Warfare.