Traveling isn't always all sunshine and rainbows. For example, being on the road for the past 3 days in 3 different countries... no bed, not even able to sleep on the floor, I've managed to survived another day. Arriving Beijing, the whole wifi and VPN thing was freaking me out, so I've decided to sleep on it.. for about 5 hours on the airport chair. Yeah, sounded whack but at that moment, it was already a luxury for me. Once I woke up, I've received where to meet up with my boy Note at.. a bboy / Krumper from Beijing who I've met last year in San Francisco. Took the bus, slept again, woke up an hour and a half later, and arrived at our meeting point. I swear when I saw him, he was like an angel descending just to save me from my death. He booked a hotel for me to stay because he believe the first night always needs to be the best rest. After I dropped off my things, oh, and did I not mentioned that my carry on's holder is giving up on me? I can't pull out the arm so I can pull the damn thing anymore. Going to try and get it fixed in taiwan... so, we head out for some Beijing style hand pulled Ramen. Note took me to a local park which was quite famous... and man that place is peaceful!! You see hella OG's playing & gambling poker on the side yelling at each other, little kids peeing on the side of the street.. I can't believe I'm in Beijing. Lol.  

Note had to teach a class, so I went back to the hotel to shower & take a quick nap.. then woke up to meet him up for dinner at this spot near my bus station earlier this afternoon where we had the famous Beijing style roasted duck.. full couldn't be the word to use but damn we were stuffed. Called it an early day off because tomorrow's a long day!!  




I need a haircut


Note in the park


I love this place


This was a beautiful moment of sound




Must be nice


Out here


Good night fam