#JKASIA17 Day 27: Farewell, Japan!!

Man, touchdown landed in Japan running on 3 hours of sleep because, I don't even know why.. first thing was of course, a 7-11 for JUMBO! Oh how I've missed you. Took the train to Shibuya where I locked up my things in a locker and went out for an adventure! Ramen lunch, walked to Harajuku, chilled and boy am I lucky... Jay met up with me on my last day here!! We then went on another adventure around Harajuku, did some rooftopping at the epic spot me and @kohki found... got some shots, celebrated with another JUMBO, and went back to Shibuya to meet up with Busta Bash. We went to a bomb ass miso Ramen shop, feasted and celebrated with more conveni tings.. Busta Bash showed us around the hip hop spots in the neighborhood and we came across a dark alley where they're was at least 25 teenagers and 4 freestyle cyphers going on... I was so shocked at what I'm witnessing because you'll never see this back at home...I ain't the best freestyler hell im not even a rapper. But I had to throw it down for Hip Hop... the vibe was real... we then Ended the evening at an outdoor cafe, rushed to the train station to catch out last train.. and now, heading back to the airport.. shoutout to Jay & Busta Bash for staying with me until the end.. I'm coming back next year for sure!


Next stop: Beijing, China. First time in the mainland, this should be interesting...




Running Tokyo with @jjreamr before I leave..  I started rooftopping with this guy years back in San Francisco.. felt like the good ol' days are back. 


Solar sanction  


going to miss this view


And this view




LV leather pressings


SL1200 in a LV flight case... & Bobby Cardwell record.. 


Team Jumbo + Conveni


Went into a dark alley, and spit a freestyle with this freestyle cypher... damn, but I'm not a rapper though.. 


Good bye my brothers. Thanks for the last woorah! See y'all next year, or even sooner!