#JKASIA17 Day 26: Farewell, India!

My time here at India has come to an end.. but as one chapter closes, much more are opening up! But before the chapter ends, Angelo and I still had to judge an event! Our third judge ran into VISA problem last minute so we had to run with what we've got. Woke up and had breakfast with Angelo, @j.nry & @darrendt which was quite good for hotel complimentary breakfast! We set out shortly after, said farewell to the Singaporean dancers but I'll see them again soon! Headed straight to the venue, where the blazing heat lays.. I've packed all my things with me at this point since I'm heading straight to the airport after. We didn't start the battle right away, so a India Youtube HipHop channel called The Verb asked if I can do a short interview to help with the Indian Hip Hop scene out! Which was awesome! After the interview finished, we were ready to get the battle started! We went through the line up pretty fast! And man, I'll tell you it was not easy dancing there today. Even with the AC I was having problems with my ribs from my stomach flu... but still, surviving. After we've announced the winner, cheered, and krumped a little?? Haha, we left the venue quick because I was Going to be late for my flight...

Man, shoutout to Sunny and his wife for an amazing hospitality. Without that hotel I think Angelo and I would've died.. Jin and Darren for being such fun spirits to kick it with and look forward to run into them again in the near future.. and my freaken weird ass roommate for 3 days, Angelo the crazy cosplay Italian bboy.. for sure Going to visit him in Milano!

Indian Hip-Hop Nation for keeping it rocking, don't ever stop! Indian News Express, The Verb, and everyone who came out to the event!


Now it's time for me to take flight, back to Tokyo. Let's, do this thing.




Me and this GAIJING king before the judging event


Had to do it one time for FOOTI, favorite Indian drink






Thank you for allowing me to understand & appreciate Life on a whole other level..