#JKASIA17 Day 25: Workshop in India!!

Today, we woke up with some room service breakfast, then chilled till noon. Honestly it's so hot I don't even want to leave my hotel.. we head down to meet a locking judge & hip hop judge from Singapore name @darrendt and @j.nry really cool peeps who packed mad much for 3 short day trip 😹

We made a stop by McDonald for lunch, and yes. We went to McDonalds... however their fried chickens weren't bad at all!! We then took a taxi to a local famous temple, have absolutely no idea what it's called... maybe that's why it's famous? It's so hot..... we left, to the venue where we are teaching the workshops at... it's so hot.. and did I not mentioned it's fkn hot?! At this time I am melting. Literally, like vanilla ice cream. Thank god their main office got AC or else I don't know how I would've survived..

A gentleman came in and he was from New Indian Express newspaper, one of the biggest Indian newspaper company wanted to interview us, which was pretty cool! We're gonna be on the newspaper!

Later on, we each held one, one hour workshop, and I kid you not, I have never, ever, EVERRRRR, sweat this much in my entire life. My socks, pants, shirt, hair, drenched in complete sweat. I was starting to feel really uncomfortable during the middle of my workshop but I told myself: not now.. after the workshop... I didn't know where to go, what to do.. I was all covered in sweat... yeah. Somehow I lived. Then, there was Q&A time with some people. The younger ones kept calling me master, which I kept telling them to call me their friend 😹 so not use to it but holy crap they were the cutest!!!! When the workshop was all wrapped up, each of the judges had to sign certifications for all of the participants of the workshop.. so like 50-60 of them between us 4, I love the details that Sunny puts into his event! How cool is that?!

After a million photos and selfies later, as much as I wished to stay and chat, we had to head it for dinner. Im going to miss my little minions so much.. they were all so adorable!!! So we had some bomb curry dishes at a restaurant by the second longest beach in the world, and shortly after, finally home... shower... and survived another day of India Summertime... tomorrow's a long judging day, and a flight back to Tokyo. Let's do this.. last woorahhh!!


i am tired.  



Walk it out


Outside the temple  




That candid iPhone 7+ portrait mode of @j.nry


Details of the temple 






New Indian Express newspaper interview

The judges the judges the judges... @j.nry , @darrendt , and Angelo

The judges the judges the judges... @j.nry , @darrendt , and Angelo


My babies.... thanks for exchanging with me! Good people of Chennai! Workshop it's a wrap!