#JKASIA17 Day 23: 1st Training in India! (An Emotional Exchange)

Woke up, checked out, had my breakfast made and spent a good time in the hotel lobby on an interesting call. Have you guys ever seen the movie "Gone Girl"? It's probably worse than the plot of the movie, but man, this is on some next level of interesting. But, that's what Life is about ain't it? We are riding the thrills, the ills, the chills.. anyway, that's my pickle to solve later on. Moving on..

Mog came and picked me up to hit the studio him, his crew, and other bboys in New Delhi. The space is like a Korean embassy in India, smooth floor (a bit slippery), air conditioned, as well as fresh drinking water. Mog told me it only costs 1,000 rupees for 2 years of membership. It's such a nice place for them to get down at, and I'm so happy they're able to have a place like that to do what they love. At the end of the practice, one of them asked me a question:


"After what you've seen, What do you think about the differences of Bboys vs. American Bboys? I mean, there isn't a comparison but..."


It was a tough one to answer. Because I wish I could tell them what they'd like to hear, but, I said to them how I really feel about the US scene is right now. Comparing to world state event level, US are just not there. Some do focus on characteristics and originality, and such, as for blow ups and power, what the bboys here are doing is definitely more advance than what I've seen in the bay, currently. At this point, the entire practice joined in, and listened to what I had to say.. all of a sudden I felt overwhelmed, but I fought back the feeling because this is what I have been living for, to learn and give back... share knowledge, build, expand, and evolve with others.. I told them my philosophy on breaking.. it's hard not to compare themselves with the USA Bboys. The legends from the states and all those great tales, but, what I've seen today was something in the making. The New Delhi scene is as long as I've been breaking. And I told them, even though I am here to judge & teach a workshop here in India, I am also trying to learn from them, too. I broke down what I have prepared for my workshop in Chennai, and that I am not only teaching the workshop to the people here in India, they are also teaching, me. We are always a student, and constantly evolving to be better. So, take what is already great, and keep at it. A beautiful spot, great spirits, and dedication. Just keep at it, and I'd love to see them shine in the US one day!

I even told them they'd make noise in the bay if they ever competed, seeing their faces lit up in surprise brought nothing but joy to my heart. This is the other side of the world, and we are sharing the same culture & passion. I cannot thank them anymore for such a short exchange... I wish I could've had more time, but we had to head back out so I can get ready for my flight to Chennai.

Mog and I met up with his lady, we walked to their friends spot and they cooked for me. I wish we weren't on such a time crunch because man, Mog can cook some bomb curry I'm telling you!!! Last meal, I was kinda quiet...it hit me that this will be the last time in a long time that I will see these people again. But I do not doubt our reunion. These people treated me like family, and I've only met them for two whole days.. the sudden blue, but what pulled me back to reality is that as long as I'm breaking, they're breaking, we will see each other again.


Thank you Mog, and Ken, and the people of New Delhi for such an amazing hostility.. you guys turned India from a chaotic culture shock experience into a very special place in my heart...and Mog, in a short 1.5 day, you've became like a brother man, I'll miss you bro!


After saying fair wells, took the auto to the airport, but he took me to the wrong terminal, I had to pay extra to get to the other terminal... and got hustled $3... but yo, I am seriously the luckiest person in the world when it comes to flights.. made it to Chennai safe and sound. The host of the Main event Sunny came to the airport to pick me up.. let's get this thing started...


*cues Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun


Walked by this numerous of times and still blows my mind


Other side




The good people of New Delhi, thanks for exchanging with me.  


I'll miss you all.  


Off to Chennai!


Touchdown Chennai! Thank you again brother Sunny Deon! 




Two beds means one is for work. thanks for the room, Sunny! It's perfect for the next few days.