#JKASIA17 Day 22: Taj Mahal

This trip so far, I've learned a few things:

  1. in India, people driving are always in competition of who's got the loudest horn
  2. Driving on the opposite side of the streets to beat traffic is okay
  3. You think you've got what it takes to J walk, you have not.
  4. Fitting 4 people on a motorcycle is okay.
  5. I've gotten really good at ignoring and saying no to people
  6. Don't freak out when you see a monkey, donkey, cow, and dogs hanging out on the streets, they're just chilling
  7. The ants here looks like they can demolish your pinky
  8. You can book a really cheap private driver, however, towards the end he will take you to his "connected" people's shops. They're all really aggressive salesmen, but hey, I've been in sales all my life, all the tricks in the book, I've either experienced, or did it myself. However, if you do indeed buy something from one of these shops, of course, your driver gets a cut.
  9. I am so minority here, that I've gotten asked to take a photo with, or selfies, for being... Asian in Asia.. one kid even said "you are.." and used his two fingers to slant his eyes upwards and I was like ????????
  10. I have no credibility to complaint about my life in anyway back at home after being here for just one day.

Running on 3 hours of sleep, me and Mog headed out at 5am to the train station to catch the 6am train to Agra. We booked this guy who offered us 600 rupees for the entire day of service, which is really freaken good. So we headed out to Taj Mahal, and man... that place left me absolute speechless. I'm just gonna say it's a sight to see in person.. photos cannot do justice, at all.. you must, again, you must see this in person..

Also, we were so lucky enough to see the tombs of mumtaz mahal and shah jahan inside the Taj... because it was apparently a special day of celebration. Inside the tomb was so humid, but there were flowers you can grab and toss onto the tomb. And according to Mog, the blessings we just received were one of the finest. It's not everyday people get to enter that room. When we came out of the tomb, i felt refreshed..

our next stop was the Baby Taj, which is essentially a mini version of Taj Mahal but built 6 years prior to the Taj. Beautiful hand crafted marble interior and out..a lot more quiet compared to Taj, and on both sides there are jasmine trees... and man, what a nostalgic scent.

After baby Taj Mahal we left and went to the mughal Garden to see Taj Mahal from a different angle. According to the locals, directly across from Taj Mahal is where shah jahan we're gonna built a black Taj Mahal however, his son imprisoned him because he spent his family's fortune on building Taj Mahal. 

we left and head towards the Agra Fort, and I must say this spot is mad impressive. All the white marble works really making the entire surrounding feels like you're in a movie. At this point Mog and I were both extremely tired, and also in need of water..

the rest of the day wrapped up with a refresher drink at a restaurant, and a chill train ride back home.. thank you @souvam_mog for coming along man, it was such an awesome time kicking it with you. 

Now Life, can I get some rest for once?


Saw this little tree before Taj Mahal


The legend, the historic, the one and only.. 




Baby Taj




No photo zone




People of India pt. 1


People of India pt. 2

People of India pt. 3

People of India pt. 3


People of India pt. 4


People of India pt. 5


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People of India pt. 7


People of India pt. 8


People of India pt. 9


Marble everything... 






Majestic aye ef.  


Still by @souvam_mog