#JKASIA17 Day 18: "High"rajuku, an Urban Exploration Story

Today is really my last day here in Tokyo, a possibility that I'll still be back on the 30th after India, but we will see! Met up with @Kohki at the same place where we first met, by the world famous doggy statue.. then we headed out to do some urban exploring. Now, I never knew a community like this actually existed, I've been just doing my own thing back home in San Francisco. I had the honor of exploring with one of Tokyo's finest, which is the man himself. Both of our drives to do something out of the ordinary was quite competitive, so we were not holding each other back at all. We walked past a building that had some really intricate architectural shapes & lines that used to be the Audi show room. I remember leaving Harajuku with Wing one night joking about me climbing that building. After scouting around, @Kohki and I decided to move on...

Originally we were going to go to an owl cafe together, but we ended up roof topping that cafe's roof and it was... alright. Then casually strolled down to the actual cafe but it was fully booked that day. Ended up having some awesome ramen for $4, and with a big L, but it did not destroy our spirit of finding the next crazy location. I kept half joking with @Kohki that.. if there is a will, there is a way. Literally. And if we truly believe in something blah blah blah that type of speech that I've always been telling people, and we finally decided to go back to that empty Audi building. The entire, I mean, the entire building was empty.. such a shame that no ones using it to its full potential, so, we decided to add our own flare to the piece.. "UrbX" the hell out of it.. which, the 30 sec vlog pretty much summed up most of how it went down..

It was definitely not an easy way up, I'll tell you that, but we decided to leave the premise, get some snacks, and head back up for the sunset.. man, I swear the second time up was even harder. Got some shots in, and we chilled at the very top for a good while...


I've gotten a lot of people saying how scary and worried they are, or some even say "I don't even know why you'd do that.."


My first experience I'd say was about 3-4 years ago in New York.. where I seized an opportunity, and I took it. I remember sitting at the ledge of the building looking down at the world famous Time Square silently... I had a moment. (Disclaimer. I am NOT suicidal. I still have big dreams to accomplish.)

I am sitting here, looking at one of the world's most iconic Square from a view that probably 99.9% of the world will ever get to see.. If i leap forward, all my worries and stress will end.. I take a step back, it's back to my comfort zone where I know I am safe and able to go back home.. but, at that very moment, I decided to be in the present. Where I am sitting at, I have total control of my Life...I am in absolute control... it was such a empowering feeling that nothing could've even phase me, and just me, the world, and the moment I am currently having.. you are alive for a reason.


Today was dfinitely a memorable and successful evening.. truly, I would've never knew about this underground culture if it wasn't for @Kohki. It's just fascinating hearing all of his stories and the people he's met. Or how he even got into photography it's because of Urban Exploring. I cannot wait for him to come to the states, I think it'd be one hell of a trip for him.

Finally departed, not sure when I'll see him again, but I know we will.. went back to Ikebukuro and kicked it with Busta Bash for a few minutes before I packed up and left the place. I'm going to miss that spot, and I totally forgot to take a photo of one of the coolest restrooms I've ever 💩 in.. thank you both for everything you've provided and the good memories Wing & Busta Bash! You know whenever you guys are in my town, my house is your house!

Next few days, country side & get in touch with Mother Nature with @JJREAMR...


Saw a red coming from the side, snapped it didn't know it was a rarri.  


Portrait mode everything


The old Audi building from the outside