#JKASIA17 Day 17: Long Time No See

Today, I kicked off the day with some curry, and I really thought I was sitting next to Hayao Miyazaki. Then went to Caffee Valley which is now my favorite coffee joint here at Ikebukuro.. then @kanamyyyy showed up! Haven't seen her since a good three years ago in San Francisco. We went to sunshine city's observatory deck which had some crazy interaction pieces and a 360 view of, somewhat Tokyo. After awhile, Kanamy had to leave for her work meeting, so she departed and that's also when I met up with ET! My childhood best friend! I used to go to this guys house and play video games & read manga none stop.. then he moved to Japan to work and the rest is history. We caught up a bit, but had to wrap up early because I need to be back for Busta Bash's dinner.. but, it was definitely awesome to see old friends..

got home, Busta Bash the masta chef cooked up some bomb hot pot, and this is the first time I had a home cooked Japanese meal as well!!! We talked about almost everything, listened to good music and watched some dance videos.. made me really miss having a crew around. 





Tracks & Tokyo Skytree


I'm back


Sunshine City



I'm going to the next dimension.  

I'm going to the next dimension.  




Pokémon Center


Had a jumbo with this view


witnessed two cats freestyling and a random stranger came up and introduced himself, and started rhyming together. fkn one of the sickest experience to encounter.  


Mama Kaotyk's name in Tokyo


Good to see you again, ET!