#JKASIA17 Day 15: Last Practice in Tokyo :(

  Oh my!

We almost met ASAP ROCKY.

But anyway, woke up early to go to Asakusa with Busta Bash. We stopped by this underground curry buffet, which was such a dope experience because for one, it was underground.. two, the chicken was so tender, I literally ate like two servings to myself. Both Busta and I were having some serious problem walking around after..

We headed to Asakusa to a temple I've been before, but I wanted to go again.. the sea of heads was not pleasant but we managed to survive.

On our way to Harajuku, we stopped by Ueno Park, where it was suppose to be lotus flowers everywhere but due to wrong season, it was just... all brown. None or less, it was good to be away from all the tourists we just encountered.

Arriving at Harajuku, we met up with Wing Zero and did some shopping, and split up shortly after because me and Busta wanted to go to the hedgehog cafe!!! Yes! I've crossed that one off the list! Now is just owl cafe last.. we'll see if that'll happen on this trip.

Went back home to Ikebukuro, rested a bit, and then Wing and I headed to our last practice together before he leaves for Okinawa! 😭 in fact I think this will be our last time practicing together with everyone... it was definitely fun and got a lot of new ideas... but my current main objective is to heal up this left shoulder and get ready for that judge showcase in India 👺

we wrapped up with a bomb ramen spot to finish the day... man, gonna miss everybody... truly.  


Entrance to the dragon gate


Second segment, sea of heads


Get that smoke onto your body. 


Busta Baaaaaash!! 


Air dab.  


Tokyo sky tree


More tourists


Wing Zero be Supreme-ing next to Supreme


Wing Freeze


We arrived :) 


He's serious about getting one as a pet in two months


Caught taking a selfie for the lady.  


Shoutout to Steadyus.com spotted them walking around Harajuku!  


I had such an amazing time.. gonna miss you all!! Pleasure to be exchanging with y'all!!