#JKASIA Day 12: First Dance Event in Japan!!

Ayeeeee. That's right! 

but I'm gonna start with my day. Woke up and did some stretching.. this left shoulder of mine man.. then made some ramen and brought that giant bowl to the Sakura Park at the end of the block where I saw a group of kids playing some traditional Japanese games. It was a nice little quiet time away from everything.. a Sakura leaf fell into my half eaten bowl but I wasn't even tripping. The blossoms are slowly starting to disappear, there are plastic bags filled with fallen Sakura pedals sitting on the side of the park.

shortly after, I walked about 30 minutes to a cat cafe where I spent about an hour just relaxing with different breeds & unlimited servings of Calpis & iced coffee. Wing Zero haven't replied to my texts at this time, so I decided to hit up Busta Bash for the event location. It was only about 15 minutes walk from where I was, so, I paid and went off to my first dance event in Japan.  

this event is not any average dance battles. It is an all style battle, but only with anime music. So, people who are there are obviously heavily into anime, and most of he crowds are as well. Yeah, I was mind blown not gonna lie. I'll let the footage do the partial talk. 

After the event, Busta Bash took me to his favorite Japanese pizza place, where we had Okonomyaki & Monjya, a traditional Tokyo dish where you make it, let it sit, scrape, press on the hot iron, and scoop & eat!  

We strolled back to the crib and started exchanging good music. Talking about break Life and experiences.. it reminded me why I kept pushing myself in this culture for so long...and honestly, miss the feeling of rolling with my own crew to events. Everything is just so different when you know you're with the brothers that's down for you at any given moment in life. 


Sakura park 


what do you want?  



Event wrapped up! 

Event wrapped up! 


Nice to meet you Bboy Dragon! Good luck with the rest of the tour!