#JKASIA17 Day 11: Electric City!!

Today, I went on a small trip to Akihabara, which is known as the Electric City filled with anime, manga, video games, collectibles, toys, electronics, and anything you can think of. Spent a few hours there and even visited the Square Enix cafe. Unfortunately they were full on reservations, but it was awesome just to see it in person. Afterwards I headed to Harajuku and met up with Wing at his work, then we went to Shibuya for some amazing sushi...  

after we filled up our tummies, we headed over to Dance Worcle in Ibekuburo location where I met his crew mates Dragon and Issei (Former Red Bull BC One world champion). Today felt extremely off. Probably because of all the exhaustions are slowly catching up to me... need to get more trainings in.. tomorrow, bouncing back. 





Crazy outfit


I don't know. I was walking through an alley.  

Carpet of Square ENIX cafe  

Carpet of Square ENIX cafe  

Cross walk

Cross walk


Not a Star Wars fan but this was cool

Back at Harajuku

Back at Harajuku


After training... 


Jumbo Life.