#JKASIA17 Day 10: Urban Exploring in Tokyo

Today was much needed... I took the JR line to Shibuya and met up with @Kohki for some curry action because I saw Wing Zero's snap on IG that he had some bomb curry as well... after my craving was satisfied, we went on a rooftop / urban exploration. First time going this hard, I would say.. and the entire time I felt like the chemistry was there. Or at least I hope I wasn't dragging him behind HAHA man, on some realness, we even found a new spot because we were just wondering around Shibuya. After the whole madness, we celebrated with some bomb ramen, and then I got a message from Wing Zero calling for practice... so, as tired as I am... I am still not backing down from anything especially this trip. Went and had a solid "light" training with Busta Bash & Wing Zero as well as his student. Then, wrapped up the night exchanging stories about our breaklife and just life in general...

Another tip I'm maintaining this trip... don't stop for nothing.. even when my legs are about to give out.. I'm out here on a mission.  



My favorite shot of the day.. this guy is out on a mission.  


Gorilla in a Bape store with @Kohki





Ran for this shot

Ran for this shot


Favorite shot of Tokyo Tower


I could get used to this.  




Thanks again bro. See you soon.