#JKASIA17 Day 8: Enter the Void

Woke up at Tom's house, feels like it was years ago when we were somewhat roommate's back in San Francisco. Haha! Took an amazing shower, washed up, and we headed out. Was gonna go to this record shop cafe, but they were closed. So we went to another cafe down the block, took the train to his work. He sat me down and served me a giant burger that I probably gained some weight from, but, gonna loose them again in like 5 minutes. Departed shortly after because I'm on this mission to find a gate... a gate to the void.. I've snapped some photos below to show y'all, but I came back out alive. Still a level 99 Wizard.  

Headed back to Tokyo Station where my things are locked up at, and walked to the Tokyo International Forum to relax. That place is so peaceful.. no one at all, free wifi, and places for me to sit.. got some work done while at it. Kept in contact with the scene from India, figured out hotel situation in New Delhi, and transportation questions.. honestly, I could stay in this forum way longer but I got hungry. The peaceful moment I had up on the top was definitely one to be missed. Maybe I'll return sometime during this trip.  

Afterwards finally met up with Wing Zero and had a dope ass practice with some of his crew members. I'm hanging! I'm hanging! It's crazy never thought this breaklife thing would go this far real talk. Next ten days I'll be staying at Wing Zero's spot. Let's see how it goes! AYEEE! 

Tom the Turntablist  

Tom the Turntablist  






Entrance that scared me.  


Exit or is it.  


Chickens or sickening


Elevator or way to meet your terminator  


Vending machine or the end of your regime.  


Restroom or your doom


Hall way or hell way

My world is a real life MMORPG... and if you sleep on me, the gate will close on you. 

My world is a real life MMORPG... and if you sleep on me, the gate will close on you. 


It's been quite of this type of mood lately whenever I get down time.  


Tokyo international forum


walk it out it's been a long day for you


Thanks for letting me train with y'all, it was fun.