#JKASIA17 Day 6: First Training in Japan

Dream come true.  

First time training with the Japan scene here in Kyoto! I've always loved the bboys & girls out here. Their energy & originality is on another level! Thank you Kohei for bringing me and meeting new friends!  Also, shoutout to this kid I met who was like the most adorable little thing ever.. Bboy Lil Kei, STAY INSPIRED AND STAY IN SCHOOL!!! 😹


After the training, we went to grab some ramen (yes. Again.. they're nick naming me Ramen foreal..) where we sat on the top floor of the store! It was an epic experience and the ramen was obviously delicious.. thanks Tadashi for the treat! Then we went to a Hawaiian cafe where I roasted Tadashi in arm wrestling, twice... and soon we were ready to say good bye. Met this dude few years back in SF because we're mutual friends with Matt. Was suppose to enter an event with him but something came up and the event never ended up happening. Sad. But I'll catch you again Tadashi, good luck out in Massive Monkees anniversary with Gun Smoke Breakers!!  

Kohei, Taro, Taisuke and myself ended up just strolling around shooting things and making mini stops at "conbini" to get snacks. They got beer, twice. I ended up with energy water and of course, we celebrated with JUMBO.. it's becoming a tradition!  

And finally, a time to say goodbye to my new friend @TaroMoberly. He's definitely going to be a homie for sure. I'm sure I'll see you back in the bay sometime in the near future. Peace out! 

and now, after a long bath.. I am ready to... uh, work some more.  


You guys are the real ones. Thanks for the love! 

Staircase before the training spot

Staircase before the training spot

peace to the brother @Tadashi9xiii

peace to the brother @Tadashi9xiii


Leave me alone. I've got a Jumbo..

still by @taromoberly










Hi from the roof




Bye @TaroMoberly


@Imaney3636's dad