#JKASIA17 Day 5: Best Ramen in the World?

Hi. It's me again.  

Today I woke up pretty refreshed. Kohei and I headed out in the rain to meet up with @Taromoberly. We first stopped by our favorite Kurasu cafe, and then met up with  @meru.jp to continue our journey to Nijojo castle which is no longer a castle but, a big house. It was interesting because our feet squeaks when we walk on them, apparently it's to keep the ninjas from invading????!!! I don't know??? Upon leaving, we met up with Shiori, and finally the man himself @tadashi9xiii showed up. Haven't seen this dude in a minute, must say, I do miss him!! Then we slowly made our ways to get lunch, which we decided to get it at a spot, known to be Kyoto's #1 as well as world's #1 ramen. 

Our wait was one hour.  

So we decided to go get Arabica down the street. Since I didn't get a chance to get em yesterday.. today they redeemed their throne as best coffee in Japan.  

We head back, finally got seated to the Best Ramen in the World called Sennokaze. I will get straight to the point: aestheticly pleasing, very narrow, hole in the wall feel. Could fit probably 20 or less people max. Their best seller was about $8-$9 USD and to add gyoza combo, for me was only $10... honestly. For the price I can eat this every damn day. The chashu was... indeed, the best I've ever had in ramen, and taste wise it is indeed, amazing, since we were all hungry! But I can't say it's at a point where I was convinced to be the best ramen in the world. Over all, still bomb dot com!  

We left, got some JUMBO ice cream, then @wataru51 finally joined us. We ended the night back at a temple park where I literally almost split my shin wide open.. I tried to jump into a rock to shoot the biggest giant Sakura tree I've ever seen, and slipped, scraped my shin but I was quick enough to split my legs open and sat perfectly on the rock. I scraped my shin, pretty damn bad.. and if I didn't react fast enough it would've been stitches I think. But yo, I'm excited to train with Kyoto bboys and Tadashi tomorrow though!!!  

for the people who's been reading these blogs man.. Feel free to drop a comment down here! I respond to all of em :) 

tomorrow's my last full day in Kyoto. Waaalaaa! 


Bboy Imaney!  


Nijojo Castle


That's no longer a castle.  Lol.  


Miss you, Tadashi! 


Squad turning up


% Arabica Kyoto

when there's wifi, I cupcake internationally.   

when there's wifi, I cupcake internationally.   


Favorite shot of the day.  




More Sakura, feat. Shiori  






Before I busted my shin