#JKASIA17 Day 2: Osaka Castle

Checked the weather last night, saw that I only have a few hours of sun before the gloomy sky hits.. I woke up extra early to get ready for Osaka Castle! Lovely quiet morning, showered, got ready and head out. Picked up some breakfast from Lawson then the castle. Parts of the Castle's Sakura Is still during mid bloom, but there were still some parts that are full! I managed to get some shots in before the tour busses mobbed in... decided to go inside the castle afterwards since I'm there already, it was a mistake. Inside the castle was so packed it wasn't even enjoyable! So I left and went back to my hotel to call BOA on some stupid ish, on hold for an hour and 30 min, got the problem solved then head back out to Doutonburi. First stop was Streamer Coffee because it was recommended to me, and then I just roamed around aimlessly. Shortly after, I head back to Osaka Castle for some sunset & evening shots. Found a spot with decent wifi so I sat down and texted the lady for a few moments before she went to bed, then the sunset peaked through the gloomy sky... I realized this is the golden hour.. I ran my guts out to the top, which was... quite far.. gassed out and managed to get a few shots in... time lapsed the sunset and met another solo traveler from Toronto. We ended up grabbing Streamer coffee and talked about Life. Then I found out Hong 10 is in Japan as well, so I messaged him to see if he's down to link up when I'm back in Tokyo. I was pretty dead right about now, as we departed, I saw a group of swagged out street wear dudes so I asked if I could take a fire skwaaad photo of them, then I heard a "NO!" Behind me... I turned around... I freaked the hell out. It was Hong 10 & Taisuke.. out of all Japan, in the middle of Osaka.. this universe is crazy man. I really feel like this trip is going off on a good start.. in fact, an AMAZING start.  

no video today, but here's some photos I've snapped! Day 2, Out! 


Breakfast.. boss coffee and fun tings.  


BAM! Good morning Osaka Castle  


You know I gotta freeze one time  




Top of Osaka Castle




Doutonburi pt. 2


Ran back to Osaka Castle during sunset


Golden Hour from a distance  


Kinda breaking the rule here, but gotta do it for the time lapse.  


Got this ting before I ran my ass off.  



Back to Doutonburi  


Doutonburi at night.  

Streamer coffee roaster

Streamer coffee roaster


And last but not least.. Bboys and things ... feat. Hong 10 & Taisuke out of no where.