January of 2017...

Here's a segment of a late entry I was suppose to post on 1/18/17 however, the day turned out to be a busier version than I expected.. I'll still added it here below:

"London, Tokyo, Paris, LA, New York, Chi-town, Sydney, Spain!"

One of my favorite songs by Sango & SPZRKT called Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife...as this trip slowly approaching, I can't help but constantly replay that song over and over again in my mind. This will be my last destination of that chorus, and though it has been a random goal to fulfill that list, London is also one of the places that I wanted to visit the most! Big fan of Sherlock Holmes, the old Victorian fashion era, the streets, architectures, and just wanted to say "Oh Bloody Hell!" one time.. Well, here's another booked trip for my birthday that's coming up in a few days.. Not sure what to expect, but it's best to go with no expectations and just LIVE right? Too bad there isn't any events coming up during my stay there, however, I'm definitely ready to soak up some good times and also looking forward to link up with other artists out there.

Fast forward to..

This has been an absolute the best birth month to date..
We did a lot, like.... AYEEEE LOT.
I will soon put up a new chapter under the TRAVEL segment of the website which is LONDON! A fellowship journey between @REDGASKELL, @IDINESH, and myself which I'm super excited for it, got lots of photos and stories to share along with three different versions of videos!
2017 is off to an amazing start... Stay tuned..