What A Year!

Life's crazy man, and I must tell you that
Most people don't understand what that really meant until they lived the crazy parts. There's too much I can say about 2016, but I won't get into that because I can't want to mob to my buddy's house and have some delicious hot pot!!
This was my first time celebrated New Years Eve at an event, and I must admit... I kicked off the year INSPIRED
I don't know how I do it, but I was able to meet Kaytranada and Anderson Paak before they went on and do their thing at 1015 Folsom and rock the stage... They both signed the 99.9% vinyl cover and we departed. The rest of the evening was filled with good music and performances except, bad vibes. Ran into a bunch of downers that got upset because people were pushing around or what not, me trying to be hyped but girl in front was giving me dirty looks for singing with the track like yo, get out because you are just here for the hype. At one point I was upset and asked if she knew who Kaytranada was, she goes "who?"
On the bright side, I am so happy to hear most of the tracks from that record... I was able to see Anderson Paak go off on the stage, his confidence and passion completely destroyed the show! I was so hyped, like seriously, I cannot wait to do more damage this coming new year!

Thank you all for rocking with me on here, I am also currently trying out "comment" section, so drop a comment below and I'll shoot you a reply! 

Other than that, this year will be yours if you truly believe it. 

You just gotta believe in yourself..


Happy New Year y'all!