Thank you 2018, Hello 2019!

Hi everyone,

Haven’t been on here for awhile… Honestly, I wanted to make this a weekly blog however I feel like with all the streaming & ups and downs, it’s really hard to find that fine balance… What has happened? Too much.. to start, I proposed to Haremi! Yes, it happened. She visited America for the first time ever, and thought that it’d be perfect to just… do it! And of course she said yes! Seriously, most of my updates has been on Twitter, Instagram & Discord… I do need to post here more often because it’s pretty much been my diary where I put my random things at… But seriously though, I do want to be more active on here. $200+ a year without really using it is kind of a waste. (please squarespace… sponsor me?)

Anyway, I made a new youtube & a year end video as well:

Took me like 13 hours, please watch LOL.

Went to Portland and met my friend Bucklington, New York with Steve & John… road trip to San Diego and Disneyland with Haremi..

I feel like I’ve lost my inspiration to upkeep this space. I feel like I’m so drained and all I want to do is sleep but something is telling me to keep going. We hit 1,100 subscribers last month, and now we’re at 577 subscribers. Seeing a drop like this made me felt It’s so crazy how much changes you can experience, and as much as I tell myself not to let the numbers effect me, it’s definitely easier said then done! But hey, I’m just glad to be able to have a place to talk to people & share my world with the world. Honestly, being on Twitch and seeing the community grow and also learning with the community has been a true blessing. As Haremi and I counted down from 5 - 1 and welcomed 2019, I knew that this is going to be a year filled with more challenges & growth. Especially with being engaged now, I think our priority has shifted. We want to be better, and grow closer.. trying to work together better as a team & hopefully have a wedding soon? Who knows! Things are just going all over the place, but the Universe is what will help us zone in on what’s most important to us soon.

Yo, Want to wrap this one quick, but include some photos & call it a day here.

Good Bye Milkglider, thank you all.

Good Bye Milkglider, thank you all.


Back in USA




Love these two. EXBC <3


Met these two officially. Greekgodx & Sodapoppin


TwitchCon official unofficial not a meetup meetup.  


Great friends & mentors. But they don’t know that Kappa


Blizzcon was kinda fun  


Went to NYC


Press pass for Freestyle Session Pog


Portland was so fun with these good people. Thank you Buck, i love you man.  


Haremi showing me her on a giant TV, and it was inspiring.  


She said yes.  

Thank you everyone who made this possible.  


Haremi on the big screen again




Happy new year y’all. Here’s to another year!  

Abandoned Church & Exploration

It's been awhile since I've last blogged here on my website. Things has been quite busy with Twitch, which is currently my full time job. Along with my friend Tau, we decided to explore this abandoned site where once was a luxury wedding hall & church-like area. Throughout majority of the exploration, the spot was pretty much a mess. Usually with abandoned places that don't have much around, I lose interest quick. However, for this spot, I was surprised with the size of the entire premise. The structures around the main hall in the center of the block as well as the amount of glass walls around. This place was made of money, and now it's a place ready to be forgotten. We decided to start from the buildings on the side since we saw an opening first. A lot of graffiti writers has already been there & marked their spots on the outside, but the inside was filled with garbage & broken glasses everywhere. I'm glad that I wore my rain proof boots today since there was a weather forecast about a thunderstorm coming. Didn't smell too bad when it comes to mold, but the place was wrecked. One of the more interesting find was a safe that seem like anyone who has explored in the past was able to crack the safe. We then head towards the center main structure which is where the weddings were held, and man... It was pretty awesome. It felt like I was in a Resident Evil game IRL. Going around on the other side, felt like someone was presence when we were there, but we try to convince ourselves that the sounds were just mice. Over on the opposite was where it used to be a dining area and a bar, but since there was so much garbage we couldn't get to the second floor. Behind that structure was where people used to dine. A mini-pool-like area right next to the dining hall. We know all of this because we actually found a booklet of where that place used to look like, and the purposes of different areas there. Going up the farthest building, we had to find a way up to the second floor since we were pretty much done with everything. The only way up was the darkest corner of the building, also where the elevators were at. The elevator obviously stopped working a long time ago, but what added on to the creeps was the yellow tapes & tables that are blocking the elevators. (seriously, straight out of a video game) As we are going up, there's zero natural lights. We kept our footsteps light and cellphone LED lights slowly work our ways up. We were not sure what was around the corner, but only wanting to see whats on the next floor. The furthest building once we got up to the third floor was surprisingly beautiful. Entire field of long grass with a perfect visual of airplanes flying by. The other side was a crashed chandelier and a giant mirror. As we worked our way all the way to the top, the feeling of accomplishment was there. We found a small bag with an external battery, some alcohol and tools... didn't loot it obviously, but why would anyone left it there? This is definitely somewhere I'd return, but not sure if this place will be the same next time. I do enjoy exploring abandoned places, always, however what keeps my drive going is finding clues of what exactly happened here? Well, another one down, many more to go! Enjoy the photos below!


Before & After

Entering the wedding hall

creepy yellow tapes


elevator drop


Giant mirror


entrance 1


the furthest corner building 


hi tau


hi. Tau. 


Hi hi tai


thanks for the shot tau



Tokyo, again.

Well well well... finally back in Japan again now eh? I promised my community that once we've reached 300 subs we will go to another country, and most of the voices are saying to go back to Japan. Without announcing it to anyone and holding back on updating my social media platform I took a jet plane back to Tokyo. Picked up the sim card early morning, and kicked off the stream surprising everyone. Honestly, it was so hard avoiding social media updates... but I had to do it to execute the whole plan! A lot has happened this trip... including growth of the channel. I finally got to meet Hyubsama who I was suppose to meet up with last month but did not... then Andy Milonakis officially. It was quite a trip because Twitch brought everyone together. I also met one of my best friends Jay once again, his friend Georgia, and Calvin officially IRL. Rooftopping around, hipster coffee shops daily... streaming for everybody. I felt free once again! Haremi arrived a week later to film segments for her work. We visited Kamakura where SlamDunk was inspired from, I must say I almost teared up! whole VODs can be seen via 

We had a lot of adventures with the stream & with friends. Took a day off and visited Gotokuji with Haremi because it's one of my favorite places in Japan! Wrapped up the trip with Jakenbakelive, hyubsama, andymilonakis, and haremi for some fancy gyoza! 

Two months ago, I was stuck in a very weird spot. I wrote myself a letter expressing whatever that was bothering me and letting me doubt myself in this journey as a livestreamer. I wanted to check back a month later to see if I have made any improvements, but forgot about the letter until I returned from Japan. We've reached an all time high of 442 subscribers towards the end of the trip, that is more than double of subscribers when I wrote the letter two months ago... To see the growth that we've made and the improvement as a community, I cannot express my thanks to you all.

In less than 2 weeks, we are off the Okinawa guys! Let's keep this going!


I have returned


Hyubsama & andy milonakis dinner out




Calvin, Jay, and Georgia  

Shinjuku with the stream








She’s here! 

shiro, he likes to smile

I love these photos of @Haremi_H

Cute Resturant i found.. 




Little ones





Found this new thing  




Too many W-s on crane machine  

A baby horse in the middle of the street


Hip hop

Another amazing photoset of @haremi_h



Our time at Gotokuji

Expectation vs. reality  

good times Calvin... good times

good times Calvin... good times




New friends, cheers!  


Jakenbakelive, myself, andymilonakis, and hyubsama.  


last day






Bonus shot by cloudlogics

The Otherside of Reality

today, i witnessed a protest right here at my homeland that made me absolute speechless. It was about Old KMT government  gave high earning interests pension to civil workers to bribe them, to stay loyal to KMT... now the current government is trying to reform pension or else it will bankrupt the country. i will not speak on where i stand in this issue, however, i do want to share with you guys how i felt being there. At first i just wanted to go check it out, and leave. But, as things starts to escalate, i realized that this is not something we see everyday.. i had to get a closer look. So i got to the front gate and climbed a tree to give the stream a birds eye view. Tension was building up, gate were being ripped open. My heart was beating so fast, there were yelling & megaphone everywhere. News reporters, photographers, police... it was like a scene from a movie. I captured some of the moments that i found the most powerful during the middle of all the chaos, i might or might not remove the VOD from my twitch channel. Definitely one of the most intense moments of my life...


Air Force 


broke down barriers & dragged away after


frag out 




breaking the fence


the wall


Hooking of the rope to bring down the main gate


the police pushed back out from behind the gate


the short break after

Thank You Japan, Hello Taiwan, Again.

Ok! I know I was suppose to do a weekly thing here, however, things sometime gets scuffled through a sea of diarrhea.. well, maybe that's a too extreme comparison! So, I had a great time in Osaka & Kyoto by the way... we went to Nara and met some “deer” friends, a few F's due to the overly crowded temple however, we still got out safe. Did some roof topping in Osaka, that was cool. Then Kyoto, we actually lined up for Arabica coffee, when it was never like that two years ago.. the weather was fucking beautiful at the temple.. we saw a cute samurai puppy, a crap load of cherry blossom trees, we got lost on the philosopher's walk.. we witnessed some ancient Japanese live singing & instrument jams by locals.. Fushimi Inari shrine was semi-streamable, but was still jammed as we were going up a little more .. we met my friend Wataru, I got my credit card stolen.. we met up with JJ and witnessed a Sakura blossom petals river.. speechless.. so much has happened. I wish I can put my detailed thought process down, but most of them are kept in my VODs on my twitch channel. One of my last nights in Tokyo, I met 3 famous IGers and had dinner with them, shortly after the meet up, I found a rooftop where I accidentally dropped Jake's wifi box from 10 floors high up straight to the ground.. Thank God no one was hurt.. I felt really shitty afterwards because of the idea that somebody COULD HAVE gotten seriously injured.. I've learned and try to carry on the rest of my stream. THANK YOU JAKE FOR THE WIFI BOX BY THE WAY! Next day, I entered a 4v4 with some friends, we got to top 8 and I had the rest of the evening packing my things away, flew back to Taiwan. Big shoutout to Wing Zero & Busta Bash for hosting me once again.. y'all the real homies!

I took 3 days off from streaming. I spent the next two days with Haremi and we went to this restaurant where everything was free since all she really had to do is post a few IG stories, which was really awesome. Their crepes were delicious as well. I had a haircut, we had delicious food, adventure in Sansia old street area, and a friend of mine from Hong Kong visited so we had a whole day stream with her. Also met Skyofficial90 (Cjayride's MOD & a new friend) in Xi men ding district... man.. if you are lost by what I am typing, I am sorry. I really wish we have one extra hour in a day so I can do so much more! Here are the photos and please enjoy them!

I will wrap up this blog post with some.. I guess.. words? Livestreaming almost everyday has been quite interesting. It definitely has it's ups & downs. I am very fortunate to see Japan multiple times and this time, I am able to bring to you all a more personal experience other than just IG stories & photos. I am mad thankful everyday, from waking up being alive to sharing my joy, energy, entertainment, randomness, and stories with you all... with that said, until next time y'all! 



Sup homie


Like a Godzilla movie


A deer


Osaka roof top




Sofa king beautiful






I love this one more than the one i took with a Leica.  


Sakura jump


Remember your roots




Alone but not lonely 




The gate keeper


Fushimi inari  


Thinker pt. 2


Still by Wataru






Sakura river


More river


Before the drop


Good bye shibuya  


Solo dolo  


Ikebukuro morning



Lovely restaurant 


Standing footsies





Sansia old street


Cute cafe


Weather outside is weather


Japan Week 2 + some more..

It's been a little more than a week since I've last dropped a post, I do apologize for the lack of consistency. Japan has been pretty crazy, and let me just go straight to the point before we share some photos from behind the scene of my IRL streaming life!

  • discord partnered! after countless of rejections from my past tries...yo, we did it guys!
  • 10,000 follower milestone!! never had a 10k mark on any platforms before... FeelsAmazingMan
  • 300 subscribers!! I cannot believe this.. and we are on our way to 400 as we speak!

all of these amazing things happened after we placed our lucky tier 3 maneko-neko down at a very special place!

A lot has happened, we visited Odaiba to see the new Unicorn 1:1 gundam, roof top with Kohki, adventure with our new friend JJ who's super chill and knows freerunning, and holy shit, finally met up with @JREAMR_ again after a year! We had our coffee adventure and walked around everywhere.. Ginza hype, checking out some dope rooftop places and hopped around Shinjuku at night hoping to find some Yakuzas....monkaS but no luck! Solo hitting up Saitama, Yokohoma, Nakano, kicked it with Jake, LavaGirl, Snackboy, Gotokuji, and now I'm here in Osaka going to explore Kyoto in a few days...

Almost a year ago today, I quit my favorite job at Tiffany & Co earning a living in the most expensive city in America, I started my spiritual journey to find myself. Hoping I can figure out anything else I can do other than sales industry.. maybe tech? maybe start up? but leaving home for 2.5 months finding myself in Asia, I ended up learning about myself more than just figuring out what I want to do with my job. Then July, I started streaming on twitch, well, here we are! I can't wait to share more of this in the future!

Cheers all! Enjoy some of the photos from this past week +


ass of the unicorn


great view




Amazing cafe


Local joints








Shot by @jreamr_








this was so cool to see


Record shop


next level Buddha 














Glowed up




crazy steps

my luck


Thank yall


we have arrived









Japan Week 1... Woah

So, it has been exactly a week since I've been here in Japan. I've always come to Japan during the cherry blossom season to enjoy the beautiful Sakura, however this year I arrived a bit early to support my friend Wing Zero and Found Nation's 15th year anniversary! I had the honor to enter the event with Waseda Breakers, and was able to battle our way all the way to top 8 and lost to Aria crew. Been streaming a lot, met Jake & he lended me his wifi box as well as the legendary GunRun backpack to stream for a few days before he goes on his snow board trip... Things been good here in Japan, a lot is happening. I've been updating on social media such as IG stories and also twitter, but there are a lot of photos I wish to share here on the website!
I was able to hang out and catch up with few homies from Canada, and big congratulations on the W with the crew vs crew y'all! Had a lot of fun streaming with them as well, exploring and occasionally drinking beers LUL.

One of the biggest surprise to me thus far has been the growth of the channel. Before coming out here in Japan, I was a kind of stuck in a question mark in regards to what I am missing out via content wise.. I wasn't engaging with strangers at all. I'm so used to exploring the world on my own, and moving so fast through life that I'm missing out on the things that are happening around me. So, before I can make or try out any major adjustments, here I am in Japan. Trying to continue & see what I can show the world!

There were a numerous of big donations from a guy named PAPACHAN, who later on met me IRL that day. Super awesome russian dude who honestly was so fkn nice enough to even buy me a sick ass kingdom hearts toy on stream and even treated me out for curry! Thank you my new friend.. I'm sure i'll see you again soon!

I will wrap up this update with a crazy story. As I'm exploring Akihabara, I saw a guy standing in the middle of the road my jaw dropped instantly, because I recognized him from a photo I took last year, of him, almost standing exactly where he was at. I scavenged all of the Japanese I could say to tell him that I took a photo of him last year, and finally scrolling down my VSCO feeds to last year... and there it was.. a photo of him dressed just as gangster as he is today. CRAZZZYYYYYYYY!!!

That's it for now guys... I guess... 15 more days here! 


Waseda Breakers


Found Nation  




pikachu gang








Meiji shrine




happy phil 




gonna miss yall








View from the top  





akihabara 2




Friends from ramen shop


Maid cafe




meanwhile in Taiwan, my ferrero rocher bouquet has arrived for white day


My life ain’t no sunshine & rainbow. Some of you may be following me for a certain aesthetic, some of you may be following me for epicness of my content. But social media is a platform where we can be complete selective of what we put out. Well, lately? I feel like I’ve been hitting my writers block on twitch. I have not been completely happy, but doesn’t mean i am emotionally defeated. I strongly believe that there are reasons for is to why, low moments in our lives are just as important as the highs. I’ve wrote a letter to myself of everything that’s been bothering me lately, and will be getting back into it on the 1st of April.

here are some of the recent photos of what’s been going on, enjoy! 






dark alley


bboy choco


rain, alone

HEXA cafe






Lantern festival  






With yui, Benny, and haremi  




cat village 






hi dog year



How I Got Partnered on Twitch

Back Story, How I Started:


I remember looking back about 5-6 years ago when i heard that people were making a living off of streaming themselves playing video games... I’ve always been curious of what a life? Since I’ve been a competitive dancer for years now, and knowing myself playing video games in the past just easily turns into a downward spiral, i have forced myself to pull the plug from the video game world. However, remembering the beautiful friends & community i get to be a part of growing up, video games has never left my mind. Fast forward to 2017, I got invited by a friend of mine name Anele to attend an event called E3, I honestly have to say, it felt really good to be able to reconnect what i once loved so much, Video Games! It was then, i got introduced to a fairly new section on Twitch called IRL. I’ve always known Twitch. Never streamed or watch streams on there, but July 7th of 2017 is when i took the first leap of faith and called myself a “full time live streamer” with 0 concurrent viewers on


Title, Originality, & What Makes You Different: 

Now, before i went in blindly and started streaming from my own room starring at my own stream waiting until someone comes in to say the dance world, I’ve always valued the concept of originality, characteristic, and self expression. I wanted to utilize what i was already good at and apply that to my streaming career, so, i made the biggest click bait title there is:  


My numbers in the beginning was interesting. You can imagine the amount of trolls coming in wanting to follow to see what i would do, and i did exactly that... a backflip that pretty much threw most of the people off. Of course. There were people who follow them unfollowed, but the real ones didn’t. There are even a few to this day still comes in my stream. Stream title is important, it brings the people in, but exactly WHAT you need to do when they come in, to make them stay, to make them want to follow and continue watching is huge. 

Common Mistakes From Observation:

This is a common mistake i see from not just on twitch, but other social media platforms as well. I personally don’t like the idea of “giveaway at 100 followers!” Or anything along the line of that idea. Why? When you have a concept or title that revolves around it, your audiences and followers will not be genuine. A word we like to use in the industry is organic. You want your growth to be organic. A hundred followers to have a giveaway, but how many genuinely will watch and become part of your community? Chances are, very slim. You need to create an organic bond with your community, a foundation you can kick off your channel. Please please please, avoid this kind of promotion.

Social Media, Build your personal brand


I see a lot of people aren’t utilizing the power of social media. I personally uses twitter, Facebook, instagram actively outside of twitch. Also, this personal website to build my own brand outside of streaming. It’s 2018, and connecting with others through social media is powerful. And i can tell you how many amazing artists and individuals I’ve met through social media just by reaching out. You never know who is listening. Use them, and use them CORRECTLY. Build your personal brand! It’s important!

Consistency, determination, hard work.

This is the biggest killer i see in a lot of people not just on twitch. If you want something, just put in the work for it. Don’t say “maybe I’ll stream tomorrow because I’m too tired.” You want to be a streamer, then start by not making excuses because nobody comes into your channel after 8 hours straight or nobody follows you. Start utilizing social media to build your audiences outside of twitch. Start seeing where exactly are you fucking up? Who do you look up to when it comes to streaming and try to get inspirations & create your own flavor. Whatever it is, it’s as easy as the Nike slogan: “JUST DO IT”. One last thing: “practice don’t makes perfect, perfect practices makes perfect.”

Here are some of the questions I've received via the Twitch Streamer Facebook group!

Q: How long did it take you from when you decided "I'm going for Partnership" to build up and actually get the application to go through? :)
A: I had partnership in mind since the first day I broadcasted. I did not want to be just any streamer on Twitch, or any platforms in general. I wanted to be different. I got my partnership September 13, 2017

Q: Any keys to breaking above the 15 avg mark! Thanks 🙂
A: Yup! Don't stop. Network. Grow. Be yourself. Get to know your community. Stay discord active. Find your unique selling point as a person & in life and sell that when you stream!

Q: How many hours do you typically stream?
A: First month in Taiwan last December of 2017 is when I seriously went insane since I just arrived in a country with amazing internet service. I was doing 8-15 hours a day, being outdoor and walking & talking to chat. Until January came, my body & health started catching up... It was not a pretty picture. I started monetizing my hours more. Now, I stream 5~8 hours a day, one day off a week. 

Q: IRL streaming vs Game streaming, can you give some pros and cons? I’ve been on your channel and love what you do, man. I recently bought a gimbal and looking to explore NYC with my viewers.
Each person/streamer is different. Each of them have a niche market or audience they cater to.
I’m also wondering if it’ll hurt your viewership if you do things other than the normal?
A: What a question! It really depends right? I never started off game stream, I kicked off with IRL content... but when I had a really bad injury one time, I started playing all of the scariest games in a week... viewers was way less than my usual streams since most of my people followed me for my IRL content, and not for gaming. So, it depends on what you want to do in the long run right? However, I do believe it's easier to build a following off of IRL streaming if you execute correctly. Viewership will hurt if you do things out of the ordinary of your streaming content, however the ones who sticks around doesn't matter what you stream are the ones who truly support you! (also sometimes people are just busy in general and can't make it to the stream)

Q: What things did you do to network/get your name out there?
A: I've been breaking for 13 years, and I've built up my network and reputation though the break dancing community. Through the years of my dancing career, I also branched out within the street photography community and urban exploring. I think once you do something for so long, you can always build a reputation from there.

Q: When you first started streaming. What challenges did you have & how did you overcome them?
A: I had problem leaving my house because I was too comfortable being indoor streaming. I also had problem waking up in time and follow a set streaming schedule, until one day one of my mod (Ricerman) finally said "just get your ass outdoor joey!" and that's when I realized I need to push the boundaries in order to do something different. So, I started setting up a streaming schedule and sticking to it.

Q: How do you stay "energize" "upbeat" when streaming for so long?
A: I have ADHD as well as addicted to caffeine LOL

Q: Do you think its better to stream everyday ?
A: Yes and no. If your body can keep up, do it. If you are having fun while you're streaming, do it. However, once you are starting to feel off health wise, make sure to start taking a break. I didn't believe in taking days off before, until I started to feel my energy starting to drain during streaming as well as when I practice my breaking, i started feeling the drag and inconsistency of my energy. HEALTH > STREAMING / ANYTHING

Q: Did you stream while having a crappy full-time job that prevented you from having a consistent stream schedule?
A: I had an amazing full time job before. However, I quit, travel the world >> For context via

Q: I want to know how shameful a person can get with self promotion and still get successful.
Like constantly plugging your stream to the point of being obnoxious (especially at the <100 follower mark) vs. What every partner ever says "only advertise when prompted, and never use more than 3 hash tags.
Like.. How hungry were you starting off? How badly (and I mean awfully) did you work to build up steam?
A: To be honest, I used to be one of those guys who uses 40-80 hash tags on my IG posts. And yes, they can be useful, for net working purpose and exposing your work to a wider group of people, however, i stopped. Why? Because I realized those new followers and likes and comments are starting to become dull and a lot of them are bots, which means, if you don't follow back they'll eventually just unfollow you automatically. I realized, if you don't hashtag, the people who appreciate your work are more authentic, so, i stopped hashtagging. Hashtagging is a powerful tool, NEVER sleep on the power of hashtag.
I am really hungry, and even more comparing to when I first starting off. I wanted to be successful. I don't want to just be a "partnered streamer", but more than that. I want to influence and change the game. I want to inspire hundreds, even thousands with my content. This is just the beginning, but I can't do it without a healthy life! So, I am currently reshaping the way I eat and live!

I hope what I have listed really helped out. Feel free to tweet out to me any questions you may have via and I will do my best to help you out!

Special thanks to anele, hypebeast, chiapet,  Ricerman, Jarkeler, Desh, DrDrillVGA, Doctor, Philthyturtle, BaristaJosh!

If you enjoy this post, feel free to share it with your friends!
Your appreciation is my source of inspiration to keep on creating and pushing myself as a student of the world! Cheers to Twitch, and let us all have a good time!

Your friend, Joey Kaotyk

100+ Year Old Abandoned Mansion

What I found today was nothing I've ever seen before. One of the most intense find thus far for sure. As we're arriving to the location, we couldn't figure out how to get inside. What we did find is that right by the mansion there is a small house hold where the entire home is also abandoned. I took the initiative to explore the inside first and going upstairs and there it was, I saw the beautiful abandoned mansion from afar, I know we are close. We soon found a way around the home, walking another two blocks down to enter the mansion from the front gate. The suspense of going inside gradually increases each step, and when we finally arrived at the front gate, it was as if we're in the beginning of a RPG game... IRL.

This place was at least 100+ year old. and to think about a country like Taiwan, a hundred years ago and build a mansion with the caliber like this... whoever owned this place must've been filthy rich. Since there isn't much I can show the stream due to the signal around the mansion, I placed down the stream and explored the inside of the mansion. Not much were left to determine the actual date of the place, however, there was a antique wall paper dated back in the 70's. The rest of the exploration I'll just leave it for the photos to do justice..

Later on, we head towards this place called Rainbow Village, where it used to be a village for the soldiers to live in, a 96-year-old artist painted the entire place filled with colorful characters and we even had the honor to meet & take a photo with him!

Since Haremi went to college out here in TaiChung, we went to the area where her collage is at. She took us to her old work place which is a really famous shaved ice spot, met her old boss and helped out a little. Made us two of the best selling desserts, it was bomb dot com! Afterwards we went to her college campus where she showed us where her department sociology is at, where she spent most of her time in, and a place where theres cows and things.. wrapping up with ubering to the most famous night market, packed as fockkkk!



From the second floor


court yard










Second floor


second floor










“Paid actress” 

“Paid actress” 



96 year young


her classroom


apparently famous in the architectural world 


Night market


“People mountain people sea” 

Update: $11,000 NT RAISED & DONATED!

Wow, Looking back at my last blog, time just flew by like madness!
I do apologize for the lack of updates here on you guys, lately streaming life has been quite busy as well as celebrating special events such as Valentine's day, Lunar New Year, and personal things such as trying to renew my US passport before I fly out to Japan... and my right hand having an insane allergic reaction to a mosquito bite... All of these things are fillers sort of, but yeah. I want to just share a little update with you all of what we all did together as a community on my twitch channel!

2/8 & 2/9 of 2018, i did my very first charity stream and along with our community we’ve raised total of $11,000 NT all together! Couldn’t have done it without you all... we’ve donated to the official HUALIEN earthquake foundation to help those in need. We will continue to spread positive vibes & sending that good good energy to them all!

I also finally met up with my homie @oneday422 and his friend NN to go shoot at some abandoned spots out in Keelong. Visited Maokong with Haremi, had Hello Kitty shabu shabu, and met one of my favorite artist name Optimistuey from San Francisco. Life has been good, and can't wait to share more with ya'll.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!



Steady Coffee




Chenchen’s Studio  


Cute boba spot

The hotel shoot





childhood thang

childhood thang


Bike & coffee


We a band






Korean things






hello kitty Shabu shabu


thanks @haremi_h


Xi men things






we did it fam


11k fam




you can’t sit with us

Leveling Up, Life Update

sometimes, we need to take a time off away from the things that we love doing and reflect from a distance. lately, i've been too caught up with my streaming career trying to grow the channel everyday and ended up losing sight of what's going on around my life outside of streaming. I had a reality Check, and it was a much needed reality check because it woke me the fuck up! I will continue to grow as a person, and learn every damn day, because this is life man... we are forever learning!

Never thought the day would come.. meeting somebody out here in Taiwan that I can vibe so well with on the same frequency. Long story short, just not too long ago I met this lady while I was streaming. Started off as a game with another livestreamer to ask a stranger to get boba tea with them, which lead to me meeting her. It's crazy how life works, I was in a complete full force with my streaming career since I've landed here in Taiwan. Everything happened so quick. But I'm flowing with it for sure. Her name is Haremi, as of who she is or what she does I will keep it private on this blog since these are the informations I'd like to share with people who actually care about what goes on in my life.

Anyway, TGS! Taipei game show was a long 4 day event. We received VIP tickets and had the pleasure of meeting new friends and chilling at the twitch booth! I was so happy to see my friends in town.. anele, ray, chia, lindsey, and others who i've met through the event made everything so memorable! The twitch after party was fkn lit! photo booth, claw machine, free drinks... oh man! Had a fucking blast for sure! 

The following few days, we had haremi as a special guest on the stream. A lot of fun stuffs for sure! As Hypebeast and Chia’s Time here in Taiwan comes to an end, we ended up going to a night club and have an evening of music & dance... good vibes man, truly. currently, it's cold as fuck here in Taiwan. My fingers are freezing typing this and I should be getting ready to go out and eat, so.... uh, PEACE OUT!




birds eye view


Kingdom hearts

twitch booth




twitch after party


hypebeast, chiapet, haremi, anele, and lindsey 








adidas event



remix store x NOE 246

Shoutout to the family at for this package! I fucking love y'all



Verbally Assaulted


Today, something very interesting happened on stream. Haremi and I went to a beef noodle spot down the street from where i live, a spot where my brother and i always go to... where the owners know who i am and what i do for work. Just another normal day, but slightly busy so i weren’t able to get a corner seat for privacy (from streaming). We got a table near the center part by the wall, sat down and ordered food. Nothing crazy, but just normal conversations with chat.

To see the clip: And REDDIT via

Normal room volume, and a ban got up, pointed at me and yelled at me for speaking English. As well as live-streaming in a restaurant. He said i cannot do this, and if I’m in Taiwan, i need to speak Chinese. This quite surprised me because I’ve always believe that the land i came from wouldn’t discriminate to this extent. As the angry man continues, he even asked to take this outside to fight. keeping my composure, i told him i wouldn’t, and continue carrying on with our delicious doodles! Poor Haremi, traumatized by the situation, couldn’t even finish half of her noodle. There were kids in the restaurant while he was yelling, cursing, and trying to fight me, and this is where i got low key triggered. We as adults should set a better example to the youth, because that’s indeed our future generation. We need to set a solid foundation for a brighter future. This man is the opposite of that.



This is exactly what was going on in my head.. and thanks to the reddit community, we’re on the front page again! LUL

at the end of the day, Part of me do want to take it outside and see whatever is gonna go down, but, ever since i started twitch, that type of mentality is not what I’m trying to promote on my channel. There’s is no room for negativity. No room for ignorance. As him and his family are leaving, his son tried to talk shit but only to mumble to himself and barely faced me. If you’re going to talk shit? Do it with pride.

i later offered to pay for lunch for the people who were sharing the same table as us. As I’m explain to them the entire situation and what i do for a living including my relationship with the shop. They understand. I even apologized for being loud as wel.  

We continue to carry on with our lives, i know you all were quite furious about what went down, but didn’t we all had a great time afterwards?!

lets keep this good vibes only, and see you all tomorrow! 


TGS prep!

What a chill day!
Today, we took it easy on the stream. We had to prepare ourselves for a long weekend ahead! World famous TGS, stands for Taipei Game Show! Always heard about this event before I even moved back here, apparently it's one of the biggest gaming convention in the world. I needed to get another sim card from the airport so we have a back up in case the receptions inside TGS is trash.. After we got our new sim card, fixed the stream signal, headed back to Milk Glider for a good cup of covfefefefefe. Shima was there, still a brat. Kicked it a bit, Sunny asked where I was going, since I didn't really have much planned we hopped on his scooter & mobbed to a coffee spot I accidentally found before called Maven Coffee to have more coffee... got approach by a potential sponsorship, and we dipped out to another cafe where it's a combination of a bike / bike accessories shop and a coffee shop.. yes.. the day was filled with caffeine, where we both rested and I ended the stream.

Shortly after, I went to a local spot near Xi Men Ding to have dinner, and some stinky tofu, then met up with CJ for tea ceremony & dinner at IKEA.. god damn I missed swedish meatball! Over all, pretty relaxed. Next 3 days, I will be staying at the Grand Hyatt next to 101 for TGS! Let's go!


Grandpa’s Old Stomping Ground

my grandpa used to tell us war stories almost everyday at the dinner table growing up. I was a little boy and all I wanted to do is to finish what's in front of me so I can go back playing my toys.

my grandpa was a proud general.

his service was acknowledged by the president of Taiwan after he past away at the age of 100.

I remembered before his passing, I had the honor of bringing a championship plaque to his hospital bed and showed it to him.. "Grandpa look! First place! Break-Dancing! First place!!" 

It hurts you know? Seeing someone who you practically spent most of your time with when you were little... He'd walked me to school every morning, whenever I'm home telling me he can tell what I had at school by tapping on my stomach. 

He'd always yell out "爺爺的狗狗在哪裡! // Where's Grandpa's puppy?" Whenever he sees me,

And I'd reply:

"爺爺的狗狗在這裡!! // Grandpa's puppy is here!"

after his passing, I finally went back to Taiwan. First thing I did, dragging my heavy beat up bags into grandpa's room and just sat on his chair. I sat there, for a good hour or so. Empty, pure silence throughout the room. I couldn't really remember what I was thinking at the time. I opened the main drawer of his desk, and found a deck of China Airline playing cards heavily worn out from constantly shuffling over the years, alone. 

I took them out and counted each of the cards slowly. This was the deck that my grandpa used to play when he was home trying to pass time.  He'd sing, leaves his old school Panasonic TV on the basketball channel and play these cards by himself. I carefully put the deck of cards back into his drawer, and closed it.

Things will never be the same.

I seen the last card I've written to him.. containing a photo of my ex girlfriend and I during Christmas season sitting silently on top of his cabinet. It was the longest Chinese letter I've written to this day. I still remembered typing all of the characters up on my tiny iphone and copy the characters onto the letter since I've forgotten how to write most of the remaining letters I can write.

Today, I accidentally hiked up a mountain near the neighborhood I grew up in. Afterwards Kevin took me to the back of our house, where I've been to a few times since I've moved back last month. This used to be our grandpa's old stomping ground, as me and Kevin jokingly saying this was "grandpa's turf".

With the improvement of our technology, the distance between us and our past generation grows day by day. Everyone in this world has a story to tell. Doesn't has to be your family members, we walk past by older generations everyday. Some may randomly strike a conversation with you and we may never know the reasons why. It could be because they're bored? lonely? curious? What I have learned from my past experience, giving them a little bit our time and attention can make a huge difference in their lives. The genuine smiles I've seen, they are smiles that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

We've all got a story to tell.

For my grandpa? his stories and accomplishments are embedded within my memories. Man, grandpa you are truly a G.


a view from above




going deep





Outdoor IRL Aint EZ..

Out door IRL ain’t easy.

Our actions are easily judged by people who aren’t familiar with our stream, community, and mannerisms.

A single mistake could get blown out of proportion by the people or the media.

We are outdoor,

engaging real life day to day people and situations.

To create entertainment & content to keep everyone engaged.

Full time, just like any full time position in all industries.

It may seem like we have the easiest jobs on earth, but we are on constantly on the move both mentally and physically.

After our stream, you may not see it but we must try and expand our network by creating different post styles on various platforms such as Facebook, instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

However, we do this because we love it. The community we’ve built and continue building became our friends. We talk to you all everyday on discord / social media platforms when we’re not streaming. You guys became the reason why we are still pushing forward.

For that, we thank you all. You guys may not notice it but you guys inspire us. And we will continue to drive until the wheels fall off.

-your friend JOEYKAOTYK


Thailand memories


Thailand memories


89 floors up high


welcoming 2018


with jakenbakelive & cjayride  


here comes babyhsu


guys we good? We good.  

Thailand, Fin.

The last few days of Thailand went by quick... i am writing this blog post a week later currently resting on my couch here in Taiwan. A lot has happened off stream this past week, drained me both physically and mentally. Don’t worry, i am still hanging here, strong. Took a day off from stream today realizing that i need to watch for my own health other than just going ham 24/7. trust me, mentally i am going hard always. I’ve been trained that way. But this one day off really helped me realign my focus, and gave me time to think about longevity goals. 

here are some photos i haven’t gotten a chance to share with you guys, so please enjoy! 



Climbed 40+ floors. 




Abandoned Disneyland  


Rec cafe 1


Rec Cafe 2


Rec Cafe 3




Airport 1


Airport 2


Airport 3


Thank you Tanker for all the hospitality and accommodations. Truly had a blast and life learning experiences. I’ll see you soon, peace!

Thailand Day 4!

Today, we kicked off the day with waiting in line forever to exchange currency.. but we made it out alive. had coffee, breakfast, and head to China Town area, however, we never really made it to China Town because we detoured to the Golden Mount where my mind was blown & soul was zen'd the f out!

Spoke to the monks, strolling around the temples... everything was all good! We wanted to check out this spot called the gallery drip coffee, arrived but find out it was the wrong location, so took a tuk tuk and there it was! Too bad they built a new glass wall two years ago, I could't get the angle I wanted but made the best of it.

We then head out to a thai restaurant inside a giant mall where we had a crap load of classic thai dishes which of course, i didn't take a photo of it all.

tomorrow, we concur the infamous GHOST TOWER... see you all on stream!






Did a thing




On the way to the peak of golden mount


Middle of the mount  




golden mount  






Buddha statues at golden hour






Gallery drip coffee

Thailand Day 3!

slightly slept in today but we kicked off the stream around 12 because holy shit! There was a mini flood! I was like jeeeeeeezzzzz where all this water came from?! 

After obsticle course we finally got to the train station, and took the train to the thai noodle bowls challenge! Before we started i had everyone guess how many bowls i can eat, well, since it’s my first meal of the day i couldn’t fully show off my black hole stomach. After an interesting segment, we maxed out at 17 bowls!! I felt like i could’ve went for 20, but since we still got an entire day of walking I’d rather not kill myself. 


shortly after, we went to the fancy side of Bangkok, siam district!

man im telling you. Thailand don’t play around with aesthetic! Some spots I’ve seen today was a e s t h e t i c a f Kreygasm! 

afterwards, we got another massage at a spot nearby.. i wish i could communicate better because my lower back needs some serious attention, but i still felt the improvement afterwards.. one step at a time! 

roaming around was definitely the thing to do out here in Thailand.. I’m stoked for tomorrow’s adventure! 

enjoy these photos guys! 



17? EZ! 

scooter hype

scooter hype






love this place



Thailand Day 2

Today, we woke up at 7:30am and kicked off our voyage to the Grand Palace. Our transportation was a boat taxi, which was really cool. The rules weren’t super enforced so i get to sit on the side and show the stream our pathways. When we arrived, it was just a short walk to get to the grand palace. I can’t even describe how amazing the structures were.. the details, semetry, colors.. I’ll let the photos do justice.

after all the extreme heat and humidity, we managed to find a spot with ac and have Thai ice tea.

We then took a tuk tuk to a Thai Oil massage spot where i got more of my back knots rolled out... man, bruises from yesterday’s still pretty painful but i endured it.

the day seem mighty long since we woke up super early, there are two VODs for today uploaded at


temple 1

temple 1


grand palace 1


Grand palace 2


Grand palace 3


Flower cafe


sacred artifact


Photo by CalenG